Which state in India has intelligent?

Kerala is the most literate state in India, with a 96.2% literacy rate, according to a report based on a National Statistical Office survey. After Kerala, Delhi has the highest literacy rate in the country at 88.7%.

Who are the most intelligent Indians?

15 Most Intelligent Indians Ever Who Will Inspire Every Fibre Of Your Being!

  • Amartya Sen.
  • APJ Abdul Kalam.
  • Satyendranath Bose.
  • Subrahmanyan Chandrasekhar.
  • Manmohan Singh.
  • P.V. Narasimha Rao.
  • Raghuram G.
  • Homi Jehangir Bhabha.

Which community is smartest in India?

Bangaloreans among world’s most intelligent | India News – Times of India.

Who has the highest IQ in India?

K. Visalini

K. Visalini
Citizenship India
Education B.Tech
Years active 2003-present
Known for Highest Vertified IQ of 225 Youngest CCNA certificate holder

What is the average IQ of India?

The average score in Mensa India’s IQ test is between 85 and 115.

Which Indian state is beautiful?

Kerala. Rightly known as ‘God’s Own Country’, Kerala is among the most beautiful and green states in India. The backwater state is prized for some of the country’s most pretty beaches, national parks and wildlife sanctuaries.

Which state in India has the highest IQ?

Top 10 Intelligent States in India [States with Most Intelligent…

  • Rajasthan:
  • Gujarat:
  • Haryana:
  • Punjab:
  • Himachal Pradesh:
  • Karnataka: Karnataka is another name in the list of intellect.
  • Kerala: Kerala has always ranked on top for its education sector and literacy rate.
  • Tamil Nadu:

Which country has highest IQ?

Countries by IQ – Average IQ by Country 2022

Rank Country IQ
1 Japan 106.48
2 Taiwan 106.47
3 Singapore 105.89
4 Hong Kong 105.37

Which country has best brains?

Here are the 10 countries with the highest IQs:

  • Japan (106.48)
  • Taiwan (106.47)
  • Singapore (105.89)
  • Hong Kong (105.37)
  • China (104.1)
  • South Korea (102.35)
  • Belarus (101.6)
  • Finland (101.2)

Are Indian students intelligent?

Indians students tend to be very smart, and are able to deal with different cultures. Compared to people from other countries, English language skills of Indians are strong.

Who is the smart girl of India?

Meet the 11-year-old Indian girl who’s smarter than Albert Einstein and Stephen Hawking. Anushka Dixit, an 11-year-old Indian-origin student from Barkingside, London, memorised the periodic table in 40 minutes flat and scored 162, the highest marks in the Mensa IQ test.

Which country has most intelligent people?

Ranked: The 25 Smartest Countries In The World

Ranking Country Average IQ
1 Singapore 107.1
2 China 105.8
3 Hong Kong 105.7
4 South Korea 104.6