Which time is best for attack in COC?

EDIT: Based on consensus, the best times seem to be late at night/early morning EST.

What is the best attack strategy for th 9?

Army 9 GoHog Best TH9 Attack Strategy Do not deploy them on the side of the queen as it will kill the golem while staying behind the wall. Use 2-3 wall breakers to pave the path for a golem. Deploy two wizards behind each golem. Deploy the barbarian king and archer queen in between the funnel created by two golems.

What is the strongest th13 attack?

1) Electro DragLoon. The chain damage ability of Electro Dragon makes it one of the highest DPS troops in Clash of Clans. Just like LavaLoon and Dragon attacks, bases with low-level air defenses or closely arranged defenses are perfect for Electro DragLoon.

Is Pekka the best troop?

Fandom. IS PEKKA THE BEST TROOP? They’re good for outright attack though do tend to go AWOL as they do not have a preferred target. I prefer golem + giants + healer as it’s a more predictable combination, targetting weapons, with lvl1 troops in their wake, picking off the other buildings and resources.

How do you Pekka smash?

How to use this attack:

  1. Use Wizards to create a funnel on one edge of the base.
  2. Place your Wall Wrecker and all 6 of your P.E.K.K.A.s, along with your Bowlers, Heroes and remaining Wizards.
  3. Allow your troops to move to the centre of the village.
  4. Rage your troops to burn through the centre.

What is the best town hall 12 army?

Combining Electro Dragons and Balloons is one of the best attacking options for Town Hall 12….Army composition:

  • 8 Electro Dragons.
  • 8 Balloons.
  • 3 Rage Spells.
  • 5 Freeze Spells.
  • Balloons, Stone Slammer and Rage Spell (Clan castle)

What is the best troops for th13?

Army composition:

  • 2 Lava Hounds.
  • 22 Balloons.
  • 5 Healers.
  • 2 Baby Dragons.
  • 9 Minions.
  • 2 Archers.
  • 3 Rage Spells.
  • 2 Haste Spells.