Who are Choksi caste?

Indian (Gujarat and Bombay city): Hindu (Vania), Jain, and Parsi name, from Gujarati coksi ‘jeweler’, ‘assayer of gold and silver’, from cok?

Where are Choksi from?

In an interview, Choksi claimed that he is innocent and all allegations against him are false, baseless and motivated by political expediency….

Mehul Choksi
Born Mehul Chinubhai Choksi 5 May 1959 Bombay, India
Nationality Indian (1959–2017)
Citizenship Antigua and Barbuda (2017–)
Education G. D. Modi College

What kind of name is Choksi?

Gujrati surname
Choksi is a Gujrati surname. Notable people with the surname include: Ashwin Choksi (1944–2018), Indian entrepreneur.

Is Mehul Choksi married?

Priti ChoksiMehul Choksi / Spouse

What did Choksi do?

A special PMLA court in March 2018 issued non-bailable arrest warrants against Choksi and his nephews Nirav Modi and Neeshal Modi. They allegedly colluded with the PNB Bank officials to defraud the bank of over Rs 14,000 crore. The scam is said to be the biggest in India’s banking history.

What is the age of Mehul Choksi?

63 years (May 5, 1959)Mehul Choksi / Age

Is Mehul Choksi Jain?

Choksi was born into a Palanpuri Jain business family engaged in diamond trade. India accounts for over 70 per cent of all the world’s exports of cut and polished diamonds.

Is Mehul Choksi a criminal?

Fugitive diamond trader Mehul Choksi has been arrested in Dominica after he was reported missing early this week from his home in Antigua and Barbuda, the Caribbean nation of which he has been a citizen since early 2018. A look at the criminal charges Choksi is facing in India.

How did Mehul Choksi cheated on PNB?

The fresh chargesheet is significant as the probe agency had found Choksi responsible for defrauding PNB to the tune of ₹6,498 crore by forging 142 letters of understanding (LOUs), 58 foreign letters of credit (FLCs) with 311 fake invoices to avail credit, the sources added.

What happens to Choksi?

Earlier this week, Mehul Choksi was granted bail by a Caribbean court on medical grounds and allowed to travel back to Antigua and Barbuda. Mehul Choksi is wanted in India in a case of loan fraud worth about Rs 13,500 crore in the state-run Punjab National Bank.

Why did Mehul Choksi go to Dominica?

Mehul Choksi (62) was arrested in the Caribbean nation of Dominica earlier this year on charges of illegal entry. Wanted by Indian agencies in connection with the multi-crore PNB scam, Choksi had been living in Antigua since 2018.