Who are the best call of duty Youtubers?

1) iFerg. Luke “iFerg” Fergie is reportedly the most popular COD Mobile YouTuber with an impressive subscriber base of 2.36 million. iFerg is also a part of the Tribe Gaming esports organization, and was formerly a player of Cloud9 Esports.

Is mw3 a good cod?

Despite its flaws, Call of Duty: Modern Warfare 3 takes the fantastic series we’ve come to love over the years and iterates on it with great success. The multiplayer is hands-down the best it has ever been, with more features, more modes and a ton of new levels and ways to interact via Call of Duty Elite.

Who are the cod commentators?

Despite several months of silence regarding on-screen talent, the Call of Duty League has retained the most popular pair of commentators in the scene. Clint “Maven” Evans and Joe “MerK” DeLuca will be casters for the upcoming inaugural season of the Call of Duty League, which begins Jan.

Who is the main character in Call of Duty Modern Warfare 3?

23 Yuri. Yuri is the protagonist of Modern Warfare 3 while playing as Task Force 141. He was once the friend of the game’s antagonist, Makarov, before trying to turn Makarov in. Player’s play as Yuri as Task Force 141 tries to track down Makarov and put an end to World War III.

How old is iFerg YouTuber?

age 22
Luke “Ferg” Fergie (born: September 7, 1999 (1999-09-07) [age 22]), better known online as iFerg, is a YouTuber known for his Call of Duty: Mobile (COD: Mobile/CODM), Rules of Survival (RoS), PUBG Mobile (PUBGM), Fortnite Mobile, Cyber Hunter, and Clash Royale content that he uploads on YouTube.

Can you turn off blood in Modern Warfare 3?

From the in-game menu, select Options. Next, select Content Filter. Set Graphic Content to Off to disable blood, gore, and adult language.

Why is modern warfare 3 rated M?

Some sequences depict more intense acts of violence, such as a defenseless prisoner getting lit on fire; a man losing his arm from a sniper shot (with blood spurting from the wound); and a family dying (off-screen) in an explosion.

Where is whiteboy7thst now?

He is currently doing Grand Theft Auto and Call of Duty.

What is iFerg real name?

Luke “Ferg” Fergie