Who are the characters in the Jollibee TV show called Jollitown?


  • Jollibee: The main character. He is a bee who is friendly and helpful.
  • Hetty: The cheerleader.
  • Popo: A kid who is active and sporty, and encourages everyone to try their best.
  • Yum: A tech-savvy boy.
  • Twirlie: A girl who is very talented and good at acting, singing and dancing.

What is Jollibee character?

Jollibee is a large anthropomorphic bee mascot dressed in a red blazer, shirt, and chef’s hat, and was introduced in 1980. During the mascot’s conception, Mickey Mouse of Disney was made as the benchmark for Jollibee’s design. The mascot was designed to epitomize Filipino optimism.

What is Jollibee’s mascot name?

Tony made up the name Jolibe for his new restaurant. The name Jollibee came from Lumba – instead of throwing the made-up name away, he changed the spelling to give it a new meaning and a mascot: a Jolly Bee.

How many mascots are there in Jollibee?

At present, besides Jollibee, the fast-food chain has 4 other mascots. These are Hetty, Yum, Popo, and Twirlie. Each represents a food item sold at the store. Hetty – with her curly hair – stands for spaghetti, Yum represents Yumburger, Popo represents French fries, while Twirlie stands for sundae twirl.

What is Jollibee’s gender?

Jollibee’s gender is debatable in real life, while he is a male in the games. The Facebook and Twitter pages say that Jollibee is female, while in the 2008 TV series “Jollitown”, Jollibee speaks with a rather masculine voice, and is referred to with he/him/his pronouns. It is unknown why.

Is Twirlie a girl?

Twirlie is a girl with fair skin, brown hair and brown eyes. Originally, her hair was short, later long and tied in twintails. She wore a white cone twirl hat with her name on it, a white and red buttoned dress decorated with strawberries (later sundaes), white socks and red shoes with white soles and green knots.

Is Jollibee male or female?

Jollibee Group among world’s top female-friendly companies –Forbes.

What makes Jollibee unique?

The Secret of This Jolly Bee; Why It’s So Unique Jollibee’s main feature is the way their food menu focuses on the palette of their audience. It was originally made to cater the Filipino taste, providing banana-ketchup spaghetti with hotdogs and fried garlic rice to have with breakfast meals.

Who is the first mascot of Jollibee?

Mr. Yum
Although the big red and yellow bee is now the face of the brand, it was Mr. Yum who first debuted as a live mascot. Mr. Yum was made to represent their first flagship product, the Yum Burger.

Is Jolly based on Jollibee?

Trivia. Jolly is based off the main mascot of the well known Filipino fast food chain, “Jollibee”.