Who built the temple of Khnum?

One of the smaller temples, dedicated to Isis and built by Ptolemy IX Soter II and Cleopatra Cocce on the East Bank of the Nile near el-Hilla (Contralatopolis), was recorded during Napoleon’s expedition.

What is Khnum known for?

Khnum, also spelled Khnemu, ancient Egyptian god of fertility, associated with water and with procreation. Khnum was worshipped from the 1st dynasty (c. 2925–2775 bce) into the early centuries ce.

Where is the temple of Khnum?

Temple of Khnum, Esna near Luxor.

What is the story of Khnum?

Khnum was originally a water god who was thought to rule over all water, including the rivers and lakes of the underworld. He was associated with the source of the Nile, and ensured that the inundation deposited enough precious black silt onto the river banks to make them fertile.

When was the temple of Khnum built?

When was the Temple of Esna built? Dedicated to the ram-headed god Khnum (the god of creation) the Temple of Esna construction started during King Tuthmosis III reign during the 18th Dynasty but the temple completed construction during the Ptolemaic period and the Roman period between 40 to 250 A.D.

Who built the Temple of Kom Ombo?

Kom ombo temple was built 180 years ago (B.C)by the Ptolemaic dynasty during the Roman invasion, what’s so special about the temple of Kom ombo that it stands right on the river bank between Edfu and Aswan which makes it a wonderful stop station for Nile cruises and a main highlight of Aswan attractions .

Why was Khnum worshiped?

Khnum was originally one of the most worshiped gods throughout Egypt, but his popularity was eventually surpassed by Ra. Khnum is believed to have created the Nile, created humankind (physically and spiritually), and other gods. He was also believed to help the dead receive a favorable judgment in the afterlife.

How was Khnum worshiped?

The worship of Khnum centered on two principal riverside sites, Elephantine and Esna, which were regarded as sacred sites. At Elephantine, he was worshipped alongside Satis and Anuket. At Esna, he was worshipped alongside Menhit, Nebtu, Neith and Heka. Khnum was regarded as the guardian of the source of the Nile River.

Why was khnum worshiped?

What is Sekhmet The god of?

Sekhmet, also spelled Sakhmet, in Egyptian religion, a goddess of war and the destroyer of the enemies of the sun god Re. Sekhmet was associated both with disease and with healing and medicine.

What is the meaning of Esna?


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What is Sobek the god of?

Sebek, also spelled Sobek, Greek Suchos, in ancient Egyptian religion, crocodile god whose chief sanctuary in Fayyūm province included a live sacred crocodile, Petsuchos (Greek: “He Who Belongs to Suchos”), in whom the god was believed to be incarnate.