Who did Eileen Grimshaw go out with?

Mum-of-two and Street Cars switchboard operator Eileen is probably best known for her string of relationships, including Dennis Stringer, Pat Stanaway, Jesse Chadwick, Michael Rodwell, and most notably her marriage to killer Pat Phelan.

What are the names of Eileen Grimshaw’s sons?

Ryan Thomas and Bruno Langley were cast in the roles of brothers Jason and Todd Grimshaw, the 17- and 15-year-old sons of Streetcars controller Eileen. Jason was originally going to be called James. The family moved into Liz and Jim McDonald’s old house on the street.

Is Eileen Grimshaw related to Elsie Tanner?

In 2011, it was revealed that Eileen Grimshaw and her family were distant relations to Elsie Tanner nee Grimshaw. Eileen’s father Colin Grimshaw was the first cousin to Elsie. As of 2020, Dennis Tanner’s ex wife Rita Tanner resides in Coronation Street.

Who is Eileen’s granddaughter in Coronation Street?

Geraldine Spellman | Coronation Street Wiki | Fandom.

Who lives with Eileen in Coronation Street?

She demands £5.50 an hour. A feisty single mum, Eileen comes from a family of eight. She rents Steve’s house and moves in with her teenage sons, Jason (Ryan Thomas) and Todd (Bruno Langley).

What age is Eileen in Coronation Street?

Eileen Hazel Grimshaw (formerly Phelan) is a longstanding Street Cars switch operator and a resident of 11 Coronation Street since 2001. Eileen was 38 when Vikram Desai picked her up in his cab and she so impressed him with her knowledge of the area that he gave her a job at the Victoria Street taxi firm.

Is Eileen still in Corrie?

She plays Eileen Grimshaw on the ITV soap opera, Coronation Street, a role which she has played since 2000….

Sue Cleaver
Born 2 September 1963 Watford, Hertfordshire, England
Occupation Actress
Years active 1993–present
Known for Coronation Street (1994, 2000–)

Who lives in No 11 Coronation Street?

Bill Webster walking from No 11 in 1997. Number 11 Coronation Street is a house in Coronation Street in Weatherfield. The current residents are Eileen Phelan, her husband Pat Phelan and Eileen’s sons Jason Grimshaw and Todd Grimshaw.

Who is Barbara Knox husband?

John Knoxm. 1977–1994
Denis Mullaneym. 1954–1977
Barbara Knox/Husband

How old is Sue Cleaver?

58 years (September 2, 1963)Sue Cleaver / Age

Who lives at No 13 Coronation Street?

The house contains a front parlour, kitchen/dining room and hallway on the ground floor, and two bedrooms and a bathroom on the upper floor. The current owner is Kevin Webster, who moved in together with his son Jack in 2012 after buying it from Steve McDonald.

Who lives at No 9 Coronation Street?

No. 9 is currently home to Fiz Stape and her daughter Hope Stape, and Tyrone Dobbs’s daughter Ruby Dobbs. Tyrone had been Jack and Vera Duckworth’s lodger when they owned the house. They sold it to him instead of leaving it to their son Terry as Tyrone had been a better son to them, despite not being a blood relation.