Who did Nelson Eddy marry?

Ann DenitzNelson Eddy / Spouse (m. 1939–1967)

Eddy married Ann Denitz Franklin, former wife of noted director Sidney Franklin, on January 19, 1939. Her son, Sidney Jr., became Eddy’s stepson, but Nelson and she had no children of their own. They were married for 27 years, until Nelson’s death.

Is Nelson Eddy dead?

March 6, 1967Nelson Eddy / Date of death

Was Jeanette MacDonald and Nelson Eddy married?

Forbidden to marry early on by MGM studio boss Louis B. Mayer, MacDonald and Eddy performed a mock wedding ceremony at Lake Tahoe while filming Rose Marie. They considered that “by God’s laws” they were married, although they were never able to do so legally.

Where is Nelson Eddy buried?

Hollywood Forever Cemetery, Los Angeles, CANelson Eddy / Place of burialHollywood Forever Cemetery is a full-service cemetery, funeral home, crematory, and cultural events center which regularly hosts community events such as live music and summer movie screenings. Wikipedia

How many times was Jeanette MacDonald pregnant?

Mayer triggered a series of tragic events that caused them to self-destruct their film careers, health and ultimately their lives. Discussed candidly in the book are Jeanette’s four pregnancies by Nelson, her affair with studio boss Louis B.

Who married Jeanette MacDonald?

Gene RaymondJeanette MacDonald / Spouse (m. 1937–1965)

How old is Nelson Eddy?

65 years (1901–1967)Nelson Eddy / Age at death

Who was Jeanette MacDonald sister?

Blossom Rock
Elsie MacDonald
Jeanette MacDonald/Sisters

Who was Nelson Bentley Hees?

RAYMOND, NELSON Bentley passed away on March 19, 1995 in Palisades….Nelson Ada “Nel or Nellie” Bentley Hees-Raymond.

Birth 21 Aug 1914 Louisville, Jefferson County, Kentucky, USA
Death 19 Mar 1995 (aged 80) Pacific Palisades, Los Angeles County, California, USA

How tall is Jeanette MacDonald?

5′ 4″Jeanette MacDonald / Height

What type of soprano was Jeanette MacDonald?

lyric soprano
Most listeners agreed that MacDonald’s lyric soprano was a smaller instrument outside the Hollywood sound stage, but she made creditable impressions in a pair of Gounod operas — “Romeo et Juliette” and “Faust” — and Turk contends that only establishment snobbery kept her from breaching such citadels as the …

Who was Gene Raymond married to?

Nel Bentley Heesm. 1974–1995
Jeanette MacDonaldm. 1937–1965
Gene Raymond/Spouse