Who did the horse stunts in The Man from Snowy River?

Gerald Egan, stunt rider for Tom Burlinson,’The Man from Snowy River, 2′, 1981, on his horse, ‘Tripple’ create a striking image as they hurtle through the Victorian High Country.

Did Tom burlinson ride the horse down the mountain?

While many people assumed the ride was faked, actor Tom Burlinson (Jim) has confirmed that he did the ride himself. Burlinson wasn’t an experienced rider before the film, but he made several trips down the mountain for the scene, along with a stunt rider, and the footage was blended together for the movie.

Who were the riders in The Man from Snowy River?

Tom Burlinson had ridden a horse only a few times before being cast in the film. He was taught to ride by mountain cattleman Charlie Lovick, who owned the buckskin horse Burlinson rode in the film. Gerald Egan doubled for Burlinson for several riding shots in the film, including the jump into the “terrible descent”.

What happened to the horse from The Man from Snowy River?

In the second movie Return from Snowy River, the relived the same scene, but while filming, the horse really did trip and died on the way down (with the actor on board). They rewrote the script showing someone shot the horse. No horses were intentially hurt, it was an accident, that turned in the movie makers fortune.

What is the name of Jim Craig’s horse?

Jim heads for a long-time friend called Spur, a miner with a wooden leg. He gives Jim a buckskin horse named Denny as a gift. Jim leaves the high country for work on the flats, after talking to a man about Harrison’s colt, which had been sired by former racehorse “Regret” (the colt being worth a thousand pounds).

What breed of horse was in The Man from Snowy River?

A tribute to the Australian Stock Horse was held during the 2000 Sydney Olympics Opening Ceremony when an Australian Stock Horse reared and then another 120 Stock Horses were ridden into the stadium and performed intricate manoeuvres to the music of the specially written Olympics version of the main theme of the film …

Where was Snowy River filmed?

The movie was filmed in the Mansfield region in Victoria’s High Country.

Who are the main characters in The Man from Snowy River poem?

In the second stanza of ‘The Man from Snowy River’ Paterson introduces us to some of the stockmen who had assembled for the hunt. Amongst these are Clancy and Harrison, two of the characters from Patterson’s poems “Clancy of the Overflow” and “Old Pardon, Son of Reprieve“.

What is name of Black horse in Man from Snowy River?

old Regret
Summary. The majestic black stallion that leads the herd of wild brumbies in The Man from Snowy River (1982). In the film it is revealed that the stallion was the first foal of the prize-winning ‘old Regret’ and had been set free by Matilda, the mother of Jessica (Sigrid Thornton) and wife of Harrison (Kirk Douglas).

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