Who gave egwene headaches?

More direct evidence that Halima is responsible for the headaches is offered in COT, when Egwene sends Halima away against her wishes in [COT: 18, A Chat With Siuan, 439]: “With remarkable timing, a dull throb began behind Egwene’s eyes, an all too familiar precursor to a blinding headache…” Remarkable timing, indeed …

Did Halima use compulsion on egwene?

The reason Halima likely didn’t use a form of true compulsion is because those weaves settle into a person where you can see them later on.

Who did Aran Gar bury in the snow?

First there were Meri and Selame who were Egwene’s maids (TPoD, Ch. 30), one of whom Aran’gar buried in the snow (TPoD, Ch. 16). Aran’gar is also the likely culprit for the murder of Anaiya and her Warder, Setagana; they were smothered to death when weaves of solid Air were woven around their heads (CoT, Ch.

Who is Messana Wheel of Time?

Mesaana (meh-SAH-nah; /mɛˈsɑː. nɑ/), previously known as Saine Tarasind, is one of the thirteen Forsaken who were trapped in Shayol Ghul at the end of the War of Power due to the Dragon’s sealing. During the Age of Legends, Saine Tarasind worked as a teacher at Collam Daan.

Who is Osan Gar?

Osan’gar is the name given to Aginor when he was reborn into a new body, named after the left hand of a pair of duelling daggers briefly popular during the Collapse (LoC, Prologue). He appears to be in his middle years, a stocky fellow with a farmer’s face (ACoS, Ch. 2).

Who is Halima in the Wheel of Time?

However, despite ordering the arrests of Delana and Halima, the two had already fled to prevent detection. It is finally revealed that Halima was Sheriam Bayanar’s tormentor.

Who are Osan Gar and Aran Gar?

So then we have three potentially resurrected male Forsaken: Ishamael, Balthamael and Aginor (not Rahvin…). Both Aran’gar and Osan’gar are male Forsaken who have been resurrected, as confirmed in this book. Aran’gar is no longer a man, and is known as Halima in the rebel camp.

Who was Halima in the Wheel of Time?

Is Cyndane a Lanfear?

Cyndane is one of the Forsaken. She is the reincarnation of Lanfear (WH, Ch. 35). Lanfear was held by the Aelfinn and Eelfinn after she and Moiraine fell through the red twisted doorway, not killed as many had previously thought (TFoH, Ch.

Was Mesaana raped?

Mesaana appears to have been raped as punishment as Shaidar Haran removes his armor and burns away Mesaana’s clothing and binds her arms and legs after spreading them.

What book does Dumais Wells happen?

For the chapter in Lord of Chaos by a similar name, see Dumai’s Wells. The Battle of Dumai’s Wells occurs at the beginning of 1000 NE.

Who is Moridin Wheel of Time?

Moridin is the name that Ishamael was given after being resurrected by the Great Lord and given a new body. The name is an Old Tongue translation for death.

What happened to Egwene after the eye of the world?

After the events at the Eye of the World, Egwene and Nynaeve were brought to Tar Valon, where they met Elayne Trakand and became reacquainted with Min Farshaw. Anaiya Sedai took an interest in Egwene’s Dreamwalker potential.

Who are Egwene’s sisters in the wheel of time?

Egwene is the youngest daughter of Marin al’Vere and Brandelwyn al’Vere, Mayor of Emond’s Field. Egwene’s sisters, all older, are Elisa, Alene, Loise, and Berowyn. In The Wheel of Time Companion all the female relatives of Egwene are described with the capacity to learn to channel, many with a very good potential as Egwene herself.

What happens to Egwene after she awakes?

After Egwene awakens, she finds a massacre in her chambers, three dead Bloodknives, a dead soldier and the barely living Gawyn surrounding her.

How does Egwene find out about the Black Ajah?

Egwene proceeds to uncover the Black Ajah, reading through the list of names in the book. Egwene is sickened by the names of Aes Sedai on the list, Sheriam Bayanar among them, as well as Moria Karentaris, and is horror struck at the number of Black Ajah Sitters present.