Who is at the end of season 2 episode 8 homeland?

Abu Nazir
Brody, having been taken to an unknown location, finds himself face to face with a now Western-dressed, clean-shaven Abu Nazir (Navid Negahban) as the episode ends.

How does homeland last episode end?

In the series finale, it appears as though Carrie has agreed to kill Saul for the Russians. They want the name of the spy Saul has been operating inside the Russian government for decades, and if he won’t give it up, they figure killing him will then give Carrie access to the spy and thus the ability to out him or her.

What happened to Carrie at the end of homeland?

Look, Carrie is responsible for the death of an important asset, but ultimately, Carrie is able to take that person’s place in Russia and deliver intelligence back to Saul. She is exactly in the position that she most enjoys, which is a duplicitous relationship where she’s doing the work she was meant to do.

Why was Saul moving at the end of homeland?

Saul was dead-set on protecting his asset at all costs, but Carrie was on a personal mission to stop a nuclear conflict from potentially killing millions. Saul ordered Carrie to leave his house: “You’re turning yourself in tonight,” he bellowed.

Who did Brody meet in Season 2 episode 8?

Next week, we’ll find out if that really matters now that nobody in the CIA knows where Brody is. The episode closes with him face to face with Abu Nazir, who speaks only one word: “Nicholas.” (That’s Brody’s first name, if you forgot while his wife was referring to him like a high-school football player.)

Does Carrie betray Saul?

Back in Israel, Carrie grieves over her betrayal of Saul’s trust as Yevgeny assures her that they’ll both survive. But they don’t have time to debate, realizing Saul contacted Israeli counterintelligence. They skedaddle. In an epilogue, the action shifts two years into the future.

Does Saul get rescued Homeland?

Over live video, Haqqani presents a captured Saul to the U.S. embassy and names the prisoners he wants released, but Saul begs the U.S. to refuse Haqqani’s demands. That night, Saul escapes his captivity, and is guided by Carrie and Quinn to a nearby CIA refuge.

Does Saul escape in Homeland?

That night, Saul escapes his captivity, and is guided by Carrie and Quinn to a nearby CIA refuge. During a meeting between the U.S. embassy and the ISI, Carrie realizes that the Pakistanis already have Saul’s location.

Does Saul get killed in Homeland?

“Carrie pushed Saul to the brink, tried everything but couldn’t ever kill him,” explains Glatter. “Though you needed to believe that she could. And, the whole sequence with Saul’s sister Dorit (Jacqueline Antaramian) where she is lying about Saul’s death is so painful.

Who was the mole on Homeland?

David Estes
Played by: David Harewood
Season(s): 1, 2
First episode: “Pilot”
Last episode: “The Choice”

Who is the villain in Homeland?

Nicholas “Nick” Brody is an antagonist in the American television/drama thriller series Homeland. He was portrayed by Damian Lewis, who also played Yassen Gregorovich in the movie adaption of Stormbreaker.