Who is Charlotte Kalla?

Marina Charlotte Kalla (born 22 July 1987 in Tärendö) is a Swedish cross-country skier who has been competing at international level since the 2003–04 season. Kalla is a three-time Olympian, winning her first Olympic gold medal at the 2010 Winter Olympics in the 10 km freestyle event in Vancouver.

How old is Charlotte Kalla?

34 years (July 22, 1987)Charlotte Kalla / Age

How many Olympic medals has Charlotte Kalla won?

Nine olympic medals As well as joining fellow cross-country skier Sixten Jernberg as her country’s most decorated Winter Olympian, Kalla is also Sweden’s most successful female Olympian of all time.

Where does Charlotte Kalla live?

Charlotte Kalla lives in Sundsvall in the middle of Sweden but is still deeply-rooted in Norrbotten.

When was Charlotte Kalla born?

July 22, 1987 (age 34 years)Charlotte Kalla / Date of birth

Which of the following short track speed skating star won an Olympic medal at the age of 15?

The youngest ever Italian to win a medal at the Winter Games – aged 15 in 2006 – Arianna Fontana finally secured a gold in her fourth Games, PyeongChang 2018, in the 500m. Arianna took home three medals (bringing her total to eight) to become the most decorated female short track speed skater in Olympic history.

Who is the best speed skater ever?

Eric Heiden
Who is the greatest men’s speed skater of all time? Eric Heiden is the greatest speed skater of all time, mainly in part to his complete dominance in the sport, particularly at the 1980 Olympics.

Who is the most famous short-track speed skating?

Apolo Anton Ohno, (born May 22, 1982, Seattle, Washington, U.S.), American short-track speed skater who was the most-decorated American athlete in the history of the Winter Olympics.

Who has won the most gold medals in speed skating?

German Christa Luding-Rothenburger and Canadian Clara Hughes are the only medal-winning speed skaters who have also won a medal at the Summer Olympic Games, having won medals in cycling. Dutch speed skaters have been the most successful in terms of combined medals (121), as well as gold medals (42).

Which country is best at short track?

South Korea
South Korea is also the only country to have won at least one gold medal at every Olympics in which short-track speed skating has been held; Canada and China share with South Korea the honour of being the only nations to have athletes win a medal at every Olympics in the sport.

Who is considered the best female speed skaters ever?

Bonnie Blair is a world record-holding speed skater, a six-time Olympic medalist and the most decorated woman in Winter Olympic history.

Charlotte Kalla during the women’s Cross Country Skiing 10km Classic event at the 2018 FIS Nordic Skiing World Cup in Ruka, Finland. Charlotte Kalla began skiing when she was seven years old, before earning multiple junior world championship medals, according to the Olympics website.

How did Charlotte Kalla get her Olympic medals?

Charlotte Kalla began skiing when she was seven years old, before earning multiple junior world championship medals, according to the Olympics website. At her fourth Winter Games, she’s one of Sweden’s favorites for gold in cross-country skiing, having won nine Olympic medals across Vancouver 2010, Sochi 2014 and PyeongChang 2018.

Is Charlotte Kalla hjärtflimmer?

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Who is Karina Kalla?

Kalla, som äldst av tre döttrar till Lena och Per-Erik Kalla, är numera bosatt i Sundsvall. Hon har tidigare även bott i Östersund och studerat idrottsvetenskap. Kalla var tidigare sambo med längdskidåkaren Anders Svanebo.