Who is Lou in No et moi?

Lou is what they call a gifted child. She’s 13, she’s skipped two years in school. Her mom lives in a fog of tranquilizers, since she lost Lou’s sister when she was a baby. Lou doesn’t have many friends and she has a keen sense of what’s wrong in the world.

What is the message of No et moi?

Thus, it is unsurprising that it is Lou who needs No – while No, despite caring about Lou, is ever-conscience of their different places in society and knows that they could never have a ‘normal’ friendship. Yet, for a while, they do. Needless to say, friendship is the most significant theme in the novel.

How old is Lou in No et moi?

Towards the end of the novel, Lou (the thirteen-year-old) is feeling overwhelmed by the situation.

Where does Lou live in No et moi?

So the ville invisible is the same city in which everyone else lives (Paris, in Lou’s case), but it is the city made up of homeless people.

Who is Lucas in No et moi?

Lucas is a sixteen year old school boy who is two grades behind and doesn’t seem to care. He’s a very good friend to Lou and they get along but he doesn’t get along so well with teachers. Lucas lives on his own in an apartment in Paris. His father never cared and his mother ran off with her new boyfriend.

How old is Lucas No et moi?

seventeen years old
Lucas is also in seconde, but at seventeen years old he’s two years out of step from the other direction.

What is Lou’s IQ in no et moi?

13) says Lou in Delphine de Vigan’s No et moi, looking down at her untied shoelace. An IQ of 160 is very high – it puts her on a par with Stephen Hawking. Her genius, and the effect it has on her life, comes up for discussion a few pages later in Lou’s first conversation with No, the homeless girl she meets at the station. No asks:

What do Lou and no meet at the café?

Nora, nicknamed No, reluctantly accepts to be interviewed by the serious-minded child. They meet several times at the café and although No is intemperate and unpredictable, a little frightening in fact, Lou soon cannot do without her any more… Lou is what they call a gifted child.

How does Lou feel about her father at home?

At home, she does not feel too good between a father who is a stickler over principles and a deeply depressed asthenic mother. When the French teacher asks the class to write an essay and to make a presentation about a subject of their choice, Lou chooses homelessness.

Can Lou write like a normal thirteen-year-old?

Lou does not write like a normal thirteen-year-old: her grammar and vocabulary are of adult standard, and her use of narrative structure, metaphor, and everything else you expect of a novel are operating at the height of Vigan’s storytelling powers, without it seeming implausible that a thirteen-year-old should be doing this.