Who is Sunstars mate?

Sunstar took Ferneyes as his mate, and has had four kits with her, Blackkit, Larkkit, Russetkit, and the deceased Songkit.

Who gave Bluestar his 9 lives?

However, StarClan grants him nine lives, with the catch that he relives memories of his past. Blackfoot’s father, Blizzardwing, gives him a life for acceptance as Blackfoot recalls learning the truth about Blizzardwing being their father, though the tom never acknowledged it.

What is Bluestar’s secret?

A prophecy foretells that Bluekit will be as strong as fire, destined to blaze through the ranks of her Clan. But with this prophecy comes the foreshadowing of her destruction by the one enemy she cannot outrun. As Bluekit gains power and eventually earns her leader name, Bluestar, she fights to protect her Clan.

Who was leader after Sunstar?

Sunstar had two known apprentices, Bluestar, then Bluepaw, would go on to serve as his deputy and then leader after him. His other known apprentice was Lionheart. He was described as fair minded, even tempered, and wise.

Who is pinestar’s mom?

Pinestar was a ThunderClan leader in the forest territories who stepped down from leadership to become a kittypet. He was born to Sweetbriar and Oakstar and had two half-siblings, Birchface and Frecklewish.

Who was leader before Doestar?

Oakstar is the leader of ThunderClan before Doestar.

Who is leader after Rowanstar?

When Rowanstar is forced out of ShadowClan, Tawnypelt, along with Tigerheart, stood by him and went with him to seek refuge in ThunderClan where Tawnypelt’s brother, Bramblestar is the leader.

Is onestar dead?

Onestar was Darktail’s father, and Onestar rejected him. But Darktail chose his path. He chose cruelty and murder. And Onestar died putting an end to that cruelty.

Who was bluestars kits?

She learns that she is pregnant, and Thrushpelt offers to let the Clan think he is the father. Bluefur gives birth to three kits, Mistykit, Stonekit, and Mosskit, and after seeing a vision of Thistleclaw drenched in blood, she decides to give up her kits to RiverClan.

Who is Thrushpelt mate?

As a warrior, Thrushpelt fell in love with his Clanmate, Bluefur, though she did not reciprocate his feelings. Even so, he took on the role of her kits’ father when she gave birth to Mistykit, Stonekit, and Mosskit.

Who was leader after Thunderstar?

Redstar. Redstar was an ancient leader of ThunderClan, some time after Thunderstar, and his deputy was Seedpelt.

What kind of cat is moonflower from ThunderClan?

Moonflower is a silver-gray she-cat with dark stripes and pale yellow eyes. Moonflower was a ThunderClan warrior that served under Doestar’s and Pinestar’s leaderships in the forest territories. Moonkit was born to Daisytoe and Rooktail alongside her brother, Goosekit and was later apprenticed to Windflight as Moonpaw.

What kind of Warrior is Moonflower?

She’s a ThunderClan warrior. ” Moonflower: ” All warriors are nervous before battle—if not for themselves, then for their denmates and their whole Clan. It makes their senses sharper and their claws fiercer, and it gives them hunger for victory.

What are the saddest warrior cats to die?

Top Ten Saddest Warrior Cat Deaths 1 Bluestar Bluestar is a character in the Warrior Cats series. She was one of the leaders of ThunderClan. She broke the… 2 Firestar Firestar is a character in the Warrior Cats series. He’s the leader of ThunderClan after Bluestar. He’s mates… 3 Silverstream

Did Moonflower blame Goosefeather for her mother’s death?

However, because many references to Bluestar’s mother being called Moonflower came up while working on Bluestar’s Prophecy, particularly in Secrets of the Clans, the Erins had a general feeling that they should go with the name that had appeared in the previous books. Vicky doesn’t think Moonflower blamed Goosefeather for her death.