Who is the killer in the Egypt Game?

It is suggested that he does this because the Professor sells cheap things in his shop, spoiling the trade of Schmitt’s Variety Store. Later it is revealed that the murderer was his cousin, the red-headed boy, who is caught and taken to a mental hospital.

Who is set in the Egypt Game?

Set in a California college town and published in 1967, The Egypt Game follows the adventures of April, Melanie, Marshall, and Elizabeth—four kids who become utterly fascinated with ancient Egypt and create an imaginary world where they can live out their own rituals and dramas.

Who is Melanie in the Egypt Game?

Melanie Ross lives in the apartment building that April has moved into. She, like April, is 11 years old. Marshall Ross is 4 years old and is Melanie’s younger brother. He is never without his stuffed octopus named Security.

How old is Elizabeth in the Egypt Game?

Elizabeth Chung
illustration by Alton Raible
Biographical Information
Age: 9
Race: Asian

How old is April in The Egypt Game?

The first character introduced in “The Egypt Game” is April Hall, an eleven-year-old girl recently transplanted to California to live with her grandmother at the Casa Rosada apartments.

Who grabbed April in The Egypt Game?

Schmitt’s store, and April tells the inspector that he is referring to the shop’s stockboy. The next day, Marshall picks the perpetrator, a red-headed man with freckles, out of a police lineup. The stockboy confesses to assaulting April, and to murdering the two other children in the neighborhood as well.

Who does Elizabeth look like in The Egypt Game?

They feel protective of her and walk her to her classroom when she goes to school. As they’re looking at her, April realizes that Elizabeth looks like Nefertiti. She tells Melanie, and they decide to let Elizabeth in on the Egypt Game.

Who is Marshall in The Egypt Game?

Marshall is Melanie’s four-year-old younger brother, who is incredibly advanced for a young boy of his age. However, he relies on an essential crutch throughout the story that belies his true age — Security, his pet stuffed octopus doll whose naming is not coincidental.

Why do April and Marshall go to Egypt at night?

She fears that her school record will be ruined for not doing her homework, so she plans a short visit to “Egypt” to recover the book. Marshall decided to follow her, even if April tries her best to dissuade him. The night alley is forbidding, and April is nervous.

Who does Elizabeth look like in the Egypt Game?

Why did Melanie take April’s eyelashes?

Eyelashes and Ceremony On the day before school starts, Melanie goes into April’s room and snatches her fake eyelashes so she won’t be able to wear them to school.

What is Melanie like in The Egypt Game?

Her friendliness and willingness to give people a chance means that she accepts April, even though the new kid is a bit odd and difficult to get along with at first. And later on, she’s the one who wants to include Elizabeth in the game because the younger girl is new and doesn’t have any friends yet.