Who owns Sezincote house now?

Edward Peake
According to Sezincote’s present owner, Edward Peake, the statue of Surya receives the first light of the morning and, on midsummer day, the sun sets directly behind the temple, sending its last rays all the way under the bridge. Sezincote has been the home of Mr Peake and his family since 2005.

Who lives at Sezincote house?

[3] Once the home of Sir Charles Cockerell, banker, baronet, Member of Parliament and employee of the East India Company, Sezincote is now the home of Edward and Camilla Peake and their young family; Edward Peake’s grandparents, Sir Cyril and Lady Kleinwort bought the estate in 1946 from the Dugdale family, ‘ …

Is Sezincote opening to the public?

The garden is now open on Wednesdays Thursdays Fridays and Bank Holiday Mondays 11am-4pm. To book house tours for May – September 2022 please go to Book Your Visit page.

Is Sezincote dog friendly?

Beautiful place but very saddened to find that the gardens are not dog friendly. Can understand the house but the Cotswolds is such a dog friendly place with thousands of dog lovers – very surprised that dogs are not allowed on leashes even outdoors here a real shame.

Who built Sezincote?

nabob Charles Cockerell
Sezincote is a Mughal Indian palace set in the Cotswold Hills, created by the nabob Charles Cockerell in 1805. The house is surmounted by a copper dome and minarets, and set in a picturesque water garden with seven pools, waterfalls, a grotto and a temple to Surya, the Hindu Sun God.

When was Sezincote built?


Sezincote House
Completed 1805
Client Charles Cockerell
Design and construction
Architect Samuel Pepys Cockerell

Who owns Bourton House Moreton in Marsh?

In 2013, the garden received the Cotswolds Tourism ‘Small Visitor Attraction of the Year’ silver award. In 1983, Mr & Mrs R Paice became the owners of Bourton House and began the task of turning a neglected wilderness into the perfect garden setting for the courtyard of ancient Cotswold stone buildings.

Who designed Sezincote?

Samuel Pepys Cockerell

Sezincote House
Client Charles Cockerell
Design and construction
Architect Samuel Pepys Cockerell

Does Hidcote allow dogs?

Dogs at Hidcote Only assistant dogs are welcome into the Courtyards and Gardens at Hidcote. However, there are a number of countryside walks taking in the surrounding area.

Are dogs allowed at Baddesley Clinton?

Please note many of our walks are dog friendly, however dogs are not allowed past Visitor Reception which includes the house, gardens, restaurant and toilets. Dogs on leads are welcome in the car park and on public footpaths across the estate.

When was Sezincote house built?

The house was designed by Samuel Pepys Cockerell, built in 1805, and is a notable example of Neo-Mughal architecture, a 19th-century reinterpretation of 16th and 17th-century architecture from the Mughal Empire.