Who played John Kelly in Voyager?

Phil Morris
John Kelly was played by Star Trek veteran Phil Morris.

Who was the traitor in Voyager?

Michael Jonas
Neelix eventually discovers that the real traitor is Michael Jonas, a Maquis engineer. Jonas locks down Engineering, injures Neelix, and attempts to draw Voyager into a trap laid by Kazon forces.

What opera does the doctor sing on Voyager?

“Rondine al nido” (“Swallow’s Nest”), voice over by tenor Agostino Castagnola as The Doctor (EMH) portrayed by Robert Picardo. “That Old Black Magic”, Played at first by Ensign Harry Kim and then after a chanting request from the audience, it is also sung by the Doctor.

Do Chakotay and Janeway get together?

In the non-canon Trek novels, Chakotay promptly ends his relationship with Seven shortly after returning to the Alpha Quadrant and he takes command of Voyager after Janeway is promoted to Admiral. Chakotay and Janeway do consummate their relationship, but just before Janeway’s untimely death.

Does Paris leave Voyager?

Tom Paris leaves Voyager and joins a Talaxian space convoy.

Who does Tom Paris marry?

B’Elanna Torres
The new Delta Flyer, however, did appear in the previous episode “Imperfection” which aired beforehand but is set after this one. Tom Paris and B’Elanna Torres are married at the end of the episode.

Can the Doctor on Star Trek: Voyager really sing?

Robert Picardo, who portrayed the Emergency Medical Hologram on Star Trek: Voyager, is an accomplished singer, and the producers incorporated the Broadway star’s vocal abilities into several episodes of the series. Who can forget “You Are My Sunshine,” the duet he sang with Jeri Ryan’s character Seven of Nine?

Did Jeri Ryan do her own singing on Voyager?

Jeri Ryan displays her singing talents in this episode. Her character is a torchlight songstress forced to sing for the demanding Hirogen-Nazi.

Is Jeri Ryan married?

Christophe Émém. 2007
Jack Ryanm. 1991–1999
Jeri Ryan/Spouse

What happens to Chakotay after Voyager?

Chakotay died in 2394, following Voyager’s return, and Admiral Janeway visits his grave marker in that episode. This future was undone by the future Janeway travelling back in time to Voyager to return it to Earth sooner.

Who are the directors of Star Trek Voyager?

Robert Duncan McNeill (Paris) and Roxann Dawson (Torres) went on to direct episodes of Star Trek: Enterprise, while Jonathan Frakes, LeVar Burton, and Andrew Robinson (Garak of Deep Space Nine) all directed episodes of Star Trek: Voyager.

Which Star Trek characters appear in Star Trek Voyager?

As with other Star Trek series, the original Star Trek ‘ s Vulcans, Klingons, and Romulans appear in Star Trek: Voyager.

Who played Noss and Freya on Voyager?

Marjorie Monaghan played Freya, a shieldmaiden, in ” Heroes and Demons “. John Savage plays Captain Rudolph Ransom of the USS Equinox, another Federation starship that Voyager encountered in the Delta Quadrant, in ” Equinox ” parts 1 and 2. Lori Petty played Noss in the episode “Gravity”.

What Star Trek characters have been in Tsunkatse?

Jeffrey Combs (Weyoun and Brunt of Deep Space Nine and Shran of Enterprise) appeared in “Tsunkatse” as Norcadian Penk. Leonard Crofoot, who appears in “Virtuoso” as a Qomar spectator, acted in The Next Generation episode ” Angel One ” and as the prototype version of Data’s daughter Lal in The Next Generation episode ” The Offspring “.