Who was the best German ww2 general?

Erich von Manstein
Allegiance German Empire (1906–1918) Weimar Republic (1918–1933) Nazi Germany (1933–1944) West Germany (1949–1956 as a NATO adviser)
Service/branch Imperial German Army Reichswehr Wehrmacht Heer
Years of service 1906–44 1949-56
Rank Generalfeldmarschall

Who was the best German tank general?

Heinz Guderian
Nickname(s) Schneller Heinz Hammering Heinz
Military service
Allegiance German Empire (1907–1918) Weimar Republic (1918–1933) Nazi Germany (1933–1945)

How many 6th Army survived Stalingrad?

After the battle of Stalingrad, approximately 107,800 soldiers of the 6th Army entered Soviet captivity; only about 6,000 survived the captivity.

What generals fought at Stalingrad?

Fighting raged in the streets of Stalingrad, with both sides using snipers poised on the roofs of the city’s buildings. Russian generals Georgy Zhukov and Aleksandr Vasilevsky organized Russian troops in the mountains to the north and west of the city.

What happened to the German general at Stalingrad?

Paulus surrendered in Stalingrad on 31 January 1943, the same day on which he was informed of his promotion to field marshal by Hitler. Hitler expected Paulus to commit suicide, repeating to his staff that there was no precedent of a German field marshal ever being captured alive.

Who has the most tank kills in ww2?

Kurt Knispel
Kurt Knispel (20 September 1921 – 28 April 1945) was a Sudeten German Heer panzer loader, gunner and later commander, and was the highest scoring tank ace of World War II with a total of 168 confirmed tank kills; the actual number, although unconfirmed, may be as high as 195.

Who is the greatest tank commander of all time?

Two of the greatest and most well known tank commanders in history are United States General George Patton Germany’s Erwin Rommel. The two most know TANK Aces of all time are; United States Staff Sergeant Lafeyette G. Pool, reported to have destroyed some 258 enemy vehicles.

Did any Germans breakout of Stalingrad?

Heinrich Gerlach (18 August 1908 – 27 March 1991) was a German soldier in the 14th Panzer Division during the Second World War, who later became a Latin and German teacher….

Heinrich Gerlach
Other work Odyssey in Red: Report of a Random Walk Breakthrough at Stalingrad