Who wrote the Eagles song Heartache Tonight?

Don Henley
Glenn FreyJ. D. SoutherBob Seger
Heartache Tonight/Composers

Did Glenn Frey sing Heartache Tonight?

“Heartache Tonight” is a song written by Don Henley, Glenn Frey, Bob Seger and J. D. Souther, recorded by the Eagles and features Glenn Frey on lead vocals.

Did Haim sample the Eagles?

The song features a significant sample from Heartache Tonight by The Eagles.

What year did the song Heartache Tonight come out?

1979Heartache Tonight / Released
The Eagles fully embrace heartache with their classic song “Heartache Tonight,” the lead offering to 1979’s The Long Run album.

Who sings it’s a heartache nothing but a heartache?

Bonnie TylerIt’s a Heartache / Artist

What is a Colita?

A slang term in Hispanic culture for the buttocks.

When was Heartache Tonight released?

1979Heartache Tonight / Released

What song does Haim The Wire sound like?

But for now, sounding like other people is what Haim sounds like. The Eagles’ hand-clappy “Heartache Tonight” serves as a template for “The Wire,” a sublime exercise in lightly percussive, stop-motion pop.

What does Haim sound like?

Haim’s music has generally been categorized as soft rock and pop rock, with significant influences of R&B. Critics have frequently compared their sound to Fleetwood Mac, which the group has acknowledged as an influence, though they are “squeamish” about the comparison.

What year was Bob Seger inducted into the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame?

The lone exception was Seger’s 2004 induction into the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame.

Who said there’s gonna be a Heartache Tonight?

He told Entertainment Weekly: “Glenn had the verse: ‘Somebody’s gonna hurt someone before the night is through.’ We hadn’t been sitting down for more that five minutes and I just blurted out, ‘There’s gonna be a heartache tonight!’

What artists have covered the song a Heartache Tonight?

Artists to cover this song include Conway Twitty, Tom Jones (as “A Heartache Tonight”), John Anderson, and Michael Bublé, who did a big band version of the song in 2009. Bob Seger played this at a memorial service for Glenn Frey in 2016.

Will Bob Seger ever tour with his own version of Heartache Tonight?

Many fans have clamored for Bob Seger to record and tour with his own version of “Heartache Tonight,” but he’s unlikely ever to do so. “I don’t want to face a lifetime of singing that onstage,” Seger explained to USA Today.

What are some of the best love songs about heartache?

a heartache tonight I know. Boston – “Amanda” Babe, tomorrow’s so far away There’s something I just have to say I don’t think I can hide what I’m feelin’ inside Another day, knowin’ I love you And I, I’m getting too close again I don’t want to…