Why are K-pop songs greyed out on Spotify?

Although 60,000 songs are uploaded to Spotify every day, popular tracks can disappear overnight when the company’s agreements with record labels and rights-holders expire. Users will then see songs “greyed out” in their playlists.

Can you put K-pop back on Spotify?

K-pop titles returning to Spotify after new deal with Kakao Entertainment. Songs by Korean singers under Kakao Entertainment’s portfolio will reportedly return to Spotify, after the two music giants reached an agreement, the two companies announced in separate statements on Thursday, March 11.

Which K-pop artist removed from Spotify?

On 1 March, the entire Kakao catalogue comprised of tracks by the likes of K-pop stars IU, Epik High, MONSTA X, SEVENTEEN, GFRIEND, MAMAMOO, and more were removed from the Swedish music platform after the expiration of their licensing agreement with Kakao.

Why can’t I listen to Korean songs on Spotify?

Later that morning, Spotify officially announced that its licensing agreement with Korean music distributor Kakao M had expired, meaning that all music distributed by the label would no longer be available on the service.

Why are my downloaded songs greyed out on Spotify?

Get Rid of Errors. Sometimes, Spotify songs get greyed out simply because of errors in the app itself. You can try clearing the Spotify app’s cache and see if it fixes the problem. You should also make sure that you’re running the latest version of the app.

Why is apink not on Spotify?

Bad news, looks like Spotify removed a bunch of Apink songs due to a disagreement with Kakao Music.

Why did Spotify remove K-pop songs 2021?

Fans frustrated by removal of hundreds of K-pop songs from Spotify amid licensing dispute. One month after launching in South Korea, Spotify has removed hundreds of popular K-pop artists from its global catalogue, amid a dispute with a South Korean distributor with its own music streaming service.

Does Korea have Spotify?

One year ago, Spotify made its debut in South Korea, and since then, even more listeners around the world have fallen in love with K-Pop music. So to celebrate the anniversary, Spotify is sharing data that shows how Korean artists have found a home—and global audience—on the platform.

How do you unblock songs on Spotify?

Add the song to your collection on mobile, play on computer, then choose the song, then remove the song from your collection. This will unblock it.

How do I listen to blocked songs on Spotify?

To listen to blocked songs on Spotify, open your VPN and connect to a server where those songs are available. Log in to your Spotify account and enjoy the music.

What happened to K-pop on Spotify?

Recently (last two weeks or so) so many k-pop tracks have been completely removed from Spotify. T-ara, Girls Generation etc. I’m guessing this the result of licence grudge with the record labels.

Is Kakao M’S K-pop music coming back to Spotify?

UPDATE (March 11, 2021): Following the news that hundreds of K-pop releases had been removed from the streaming platform, Spotify has now announced that Korean music owned by Kakao M will be available across the globe again. The agreement applies to the app’s users in South Korea as well.

Why can’t I listen to K-pop songs in my country?

It’s probably due to licensing. Also a lot of k-pop songs are region locked like most JYP songs are only able to be listened in asia. 2017-10-18 11:17 PM

What is future K-pop?

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