Why did Joel leave Julia on Parenthood?

Joel becomes jealous of Ed, a parent whom Julia has formed a close friendship with. When Julia reveals to Joel that Ed kissed her, Joel decides to move out, and they separate. Julia tries to fight for their marriage, but Joel says that there’s nothing left to fight for because she’s the problem.

Does Julia get with Ed on Parenthood?

Eventually, she realizes that her friendship with Ed has turned into an emotional affair and goes to his house to end it. However, she ends up hugging Ed, who is having a tough time of things, and Ed kisses her. Julia kisses him back but later pulls away, saying that she is married.

Does Julia keep Victor?

Victor is taken to Julia and Joel’s house on the night of Crosby and Jasmine’s wedding. He is placed in their house and later adopted by them.

Was Sarah Ramos written off Parenthood?

Ramos was taken off contract at Parenthood at the end of the show’s third season as her character transitioned to college, although Haddie recurred throughout Season 4 to lend support to her cancer-stricken mom. Her one-episode comeback in the Season 5 finale will mark her first appearance in a year.

What does Julia do for a living on Family Guy?

She works as a corporate lawyer but then quits her job for a year to bond with Victor who she adopted episodes later. Julia is the youngest out of her siblings and seemingly closest to her brother Crosby.

What is the adoption process like for Julia and Joel?

Julia and Joel are actively involved in the adoption process. Julia reaches out to a pregnant barista at her law firm, Zoe, who does not want to keep it. Julia asks if she can adopt her baby. At first, Zoe says no, but later gives in. Julia spends a lot of time with Zoe, helping her get her life on track.

Does Julia have uterine scarring from giving birth?

They both get tested by a doctor where it’s revealed that Julia has uterine scarring as a result of giving birth. While it’s not harmful at all, it makes the chances of conceiving again very unlikely. Julia is devastated by this news, but tells Joel that she wants to adopt.

Does Joel and Julia adopt Victor’s baby half-sister?

In the series finale, Julia and Joel adopt Victor’s baby half-sister. In the flash forward Joel and Julia are shown celebrating Christmas at home. The kids, Victor, Sydney, their adopted daughter (Victor’s half sister) are opening up a box with a puppy inside as their Christmas present.