Why did Key West cigar factories leave Key West?

Just as quickly as the cigar boom begun in Key West, it burned out. A great fire in 1886 swept through the town and took most of the cigar factories down with it. A few stuck around, but many moved to other parts of Florida due to lucrative offers, better infrastructure, and worker strikes.

Does Key West sell Cuban cigars?

Inside the Speakeasy Inn at 1117 Duval Street you will find Key West Havana Cigar Company. The shop has a walk-in cedar humidor housing their fine cigars. They supply well- known brands such as Arturo Fuente, H. Upmann, Te-Amo, and their own exclusive Dominican line, Key West Havana.

Are cigars still hand rolled?

A cigar can be made two ways: either rolled by hand or manufactured by machine. Machine-made cigars are mass-produced and are from scraps of homogenized tobacco. On the other hand, handmade cigars are produced by expert cigar rollers and are the result of art and craftsmanship.

Are fresh rolled cigars better?

Smoke a Fresh-Rolled Cigar The cigar-maker’s goal is to create a cigar that results in exceptional flavor after the aging process is complete. The fresh-rolled cigar you taste may be good, but it’s flavors are fleeting and it will not be the same cigar after a few months have gone by.

Why is Key West named?

Spanish settlers originally called Key West Cayo Hueso, which translates to bone island, referring to the bones of the Calusa Indians who had once lived in the Florida Keys. English speakers mistook Cayo Hueso, thinking it sounded like Key West and the name stuck.

Who made Key West famous?

Hemingway helped make Key West famous, and he and the city became almost impossibly intertwined during his years there. He immortalized his favorite haunts and drinking buddies through his writing, most famously in 1937’s To Have and Have Not, a Key West-set novel inspired by a group of local black-market smugglers.

Are Oliva Cigars hand rolled?

Enjoy an Oliva Cigar Whether it’s your first cigar or you’re looking for a hand-rolled cigar to celebrate a moment, Oliva cigars are a fantastic brand to turn to.

What cigars are hand rolled?

Hand rolled cigars are made up entirely of 100% tobacco leaves, which has usually been imported from another country. Handmade cigars often have a better scent and flavor because of this difference. Many believe hand rolled sticks are more enjoyable, though some enthusiasts still enjoy machine rolled cigars too.

How long should you age a cigar?

Six months to a year is considered to the ideal aging time for lighter cigars. Because heavier cigars contain a greater variety of tobacco and take longer to marry their flavors, their ideal aging time ranges from 1-10 years. Cigars with large ring gauges also age better than cigars with small ring gauges.

Do machine rolled cigars need a humidor?

You won’t require a humidor for these cigars, although it might still help in some cases. While they may stay fresh longer without a humidor, you still won’t get as good a flavor and finish as a hand rolled cigar.

What celebrities live in Key West?


  • President Harry S. Truman.
  • Ernest Hemingway. Hemingway is perhaps Key West’s most famous resident.
  • Judy Blume. Another famous author to have a home in Key West is Judy Blume.
  • Jimmy Buffett. Most people don’t realize that Jimmy Buffett got his musical start right here in Key West.