Why did Wanda have no friends?

Answer. Wanda didn’t have any friends because she came to school alone & went home alone. this was because of her poor condition of living.

How do you feel when you do something good for others?

When You Do Good, You’ll Feel…

  • inspired. Being around other people who are spending their time doing something good for the world is truly one of the most inspiring things.
  • grateful.
  • useful.
  • connected.
  • hopeful.
  • These are just a few of the benefits I received from working at this event.

How do you socialize when you have no friends?

“I Have No Friends” – 10 Things You Can Do If You Feel This Is…

  1. Check you are not blocking new friendships.
  2. Don’t give people the wrong message.
  3. Learn social skills and practice them often.
  4. Numbers don’t matter.
  5. Look beyond the barriers of age, race, class, and gender.
  6. Make friends online, but don’t let them be your only friends.
  7. Turn your passions into sources of new friends.

What does helping others do for you?

Evidence shows that helping others can also benefit our own mental health and wellbeing. For example, it can reduce stress as well as improve mood, self-esteem and happiness. There are so many ways to help others as part of our everyday lives. Good deeds needn’t take much time or cost any money.

Why did Wanda claim 100 dresses?

Answer: Wanda did not have a hundred dresses because she was poor and wore the same faded dress to school every day The other children of her class used to make fun of her poverty, and would have laughed at her whatever excuse she would have made.

How does it feel when you help someone?

Helping someone find a destination when they are lost makes me feel useful and it is fulfilling to be able to help another along their way. Helping someone get through a hard time in their life can be humbling, as well as calling forth empathy and sympathy.

Why did Wanda classmates think of her only outside of school hours?

She had an inferiority complex and knew that other girls were making fun of her by asking questions about her dresses. So, in order to hide this complex and counter the fun made by her classmates, she said so.

How did Wanda reply to Peggy’s mocking her?

(a) Wanda lived up on Boggins Heights and she talked about a hundred dresses of different colours. (b) Wanda replied to Peggys’s mocking her by drawing sketches of a hundred dresses in the drawing competition.

Why did she always wear a faded blue dress?

Answer. Because she has no another dress. She was a shy girl… She was also so poor By these all she wear blue faded dress..