Why does Iago urge Cassio to drink to Othello?

Why does Iago urge Cassio to drink to Othello? Iago urges Cassio to drink to Othello so that he would get drunk and stir up commotion with the other drunk guards. When Cassio enters chasing Roderigo, Montano tries to restrain him which leads to Cassio fighting Montano.

Who did Iago tell Roderigo to kill?


What is Othello finally beginning to realize after he has killed Desdemona?

Othello is beginning to realize that Desdemona did not have an affair with Cassio and that Iago has been lying the entire time. Unfortunately, it is too late and she has already been killed. Desdemona’s father Brabantio has died from grief. Othello attacks Iago because he finally realizes that he was tricked.

What does Othello say before death?

Othello’s suicide serves as a kind of trial in which he decides on and enacts a punishment for his crime of killing Desdemona. In his final speech, he explains how he hopes to be remembered, saying “When you shall these unlucky deed relate / Speak of me as I am” (5.2.).

What would Iago gain from Cassio’s death?

How would Iago gain from Roderigo’s death? If Roderigo would die, Iago wouldn’t have to own up to stealing the jewels he was supposed to be giving to Desdemona from Roderigo. If Cassio would die, Iago’s lies to Othello would be safe.

Why would Iago want to involve Cassio in his revenge scheme against Othello Think back to Act I?

Iago wants Cassio because since he knows he gets drunk easily, it will be easy to get him to fight and eventually get him fired for reckless behavior. He then gets fired because he stabs Montano, which will lead to the rest of his plan.

Why does Desdemona blame herself for her death?

Iago proves this scene a key edge for his success and downfall of his opposition Desdemona, Cassio and Othello. So, it is the fault of Desdemona that she let herself be killed. Because she thinks that she does everything perfectly. Her gullibility paves the way for her death.

What reason does Iago give for wanting revenge on Othello What additional reason does he give at the end of the act?

According to the soliloquy at the end of the act, what additional reason does Iago have for “hating the Moor”? From the soliloquy, we know that Iago is scheming revenge on Othello and believes that by manipulating Desdemona he will be able to hurt Othello.

Does Othello still love Desdemona?

Othello does truly love Desdemona. This love is expressed in his admiration and devotion for her. However, as a black man who has had to fight for all his respect, he cannot bear to lose it. Othello’s prestige is what carried him through life in a racist society, before he even met Desdemona.

How is Iago vengeful?

Vengeful: Iago obsesses over the idea that his wife Emilia has slept with Othello “I do suspect the lusty Moor hath leap’d into my seat” and is intent on revenge (despite the lack of proof that this ever occurred) “nothing can or will content my soul until I am evened with him wife for wife“.