Why does my iPhone say unknown error when connecting to iTunes?

Update iTunes to the latest version on your computer. Update your iPhone to the latest iOS and update your computer to the latest operating system. Reset network settings on your iPhone. (Go to Settings > General > Reset > Reset Network Settings on your iPhone.)

How do you fix iTunes could not connect to the iPhone because it is locked with a passcode?

Reinstalling iTunes will also help a user to fix the iTunes could not connect to this iPhone because it is locked with a passcode bypass problem. We suggest you to uninstall it and install it again. Visit the Apple music app and from the menu bar, move to the preferences.

What is iPhone error 0xE80000A?

Occasionally iPads and iPhones can experience corrupted location and privacy settings. If this happens, you might get iTunes Error 0xE80000A. Apple’s operating software includes settings for trust permissions. These were given to your device when you first linked it to the computer.

How do I put iPad into recovery mode?

How To Put iPad In Recovery Mode

  1. Check that your iPad has enough charge. If necessary, recharge it.
  2. Connect your iPad to your computer.
  3. Open iTunes.
  4. Simultaneously, press and hold the Sleep/Wake and the Home button.
  5. You will see the iPad recovery mode menu with the options Restore and Update.
  6. Set up your device.

How do I fix error 0xE80000A?

Helpful answers

  1. Make sure that your iOS device is unlocked and on the Home screen.
  2. Make sure that you have the latest version of iTunes that works with your computer.
  3. Check that you have the latest software on your Mac or Windows PC.
  4. Make sure that your device is turned on.

What is iTunes error 0xe8000015?

When iTunes on your computer doesn’t recognize your connected device, you might see an unknown error or an “0xE” error. If you do, follow these steps and try to connect your device again after each step: Make sure that you have the latest version of iTunes that works with your computer.

How do I restore my iPhone through iTunes?

Restore your iPhone, iPad, or iPod touch in iTunes on PC

  1. Connect your device to your computer.
  2. In the iTunes app on your PC, click the Device button near the top left of the iTunes window.
  3. Click Summary.
  4. Click Restore, then follow the onscreen instructions.

How do you fix a disabled iPad without a computer?

One way to unlock a disabled iPhone or iPad without computer is to use Apple’s Find My iPhone service. It allows you to remotely perform actions on an iOS device. All you need to do is access either the website or the app on another device and you will be able to unlock the device.

How to fix iPhone stuck on connect to iTunes?

Method 1: Restart iPhone to Fix iTunes Logo Stuck.

  • Method 2: One-click to Get iPhone Out of “Connect to iTunes” Screen.
  • Method 3: Fix iPhone Stuck on iTunes Logo by Reinstalling iOS.
  • Method 4: Repair System to Get Rid of Connect to iTunes Screen Completely.
  • How do I reconnect my iPhone to iTunes?

    Set your automatic syncing preferences. Click the Edit menu at the top-left corner and select Preferences.

  • Connect the iPhone or iPad to the computer with a USB cable. Use the cable that came with your phone or tablet (or one that’s compatible).
  • Click the Device button.
  • Click a type of content you want to sync.
  • Set your syncing options for the category.
  • Why wont my iPhone connect to iTunes?

    – Connect your iOS device to your computer and open iTunes. – While your device is connected, force restart it: On an iPhone X, iPhone 8, or iPhone 8 Plus: Press and quickly release the Volume Up button. – When you see the option to Restore or Update, choose Restore. – Wait for the process to finish.

    Can I connect fake iPhone to iTunes?

    Firstly,download and then launch Tenorshare 4MeKey.

  • Another risk tip message would display.
  • Connect the iPhone/iPod/iPad with the Mac or PC through USB.
  • Proceed to jailbreak your iPhone.
  • After Jailbreak,confirm your iPhone device info.
  • Click on “Start Remove.” The activation lock removal will begin.