Why is my Electrolux fridge leaking water?

If the defrost drain is frozen, the water will overflow the drain trough and drip down to the bottom of the compartment. This water can eventually leak onto the floor. Check the defrost drain to determine if it is clogged or frozen. If the defrost drain is frozen, thaw the ice.

Where is the drip pan on a Electrolux refrigerator?

The location of the drip tray will be at the back bottom of the appliance above the compressor.

Why does my refrigerator drip water inside?

A clogged defrost drain is the most likely cause of your fridge leaking water. The defrost drain prevents the fridge from freezing. The fridge automatically defrosts itself and drips water down into a pan. Sometimes, food particles or other debris will clog the defrost drain.

Where is the defrost drain on my Electrolux refrigerator?

Defrost Drain Clogged Some Electrolux refrigerators have a visible drain hole on the rear wall or behind the wall’s access panel. In this case, you can flush the hole with hot water to dispel the blockage.

What does EF mean on Electrolux refrigerator?

Then the sound was gone, but the refrigerator was bad to freeze and appeared error code SY EF. This code means that it is not cold enough inside the freezer. After the inspection, it was found that the blades of the Evaporator fan are blocked by ice and the circulation of cold air inside does not occur.

How do I reset my Electrolux refrigerator?

To reset an Electrolux refrigerator, press the “Factory default” button on the display panel. Or press the “ON/OFF” button and unplug the unit for about 5 minutes. If the display panel continues to malfunction after that, press a combination of control buttons to reset it.

How do I reset my Electrolux water filter?

How To Reset The Water Filter Indicator On a Electrolux Fridge. To reset CHANGE FILTER light: Press and hold the LIGHT and LOCK pads until the CHANGE FILTER light blinks (approx. 3 seconds). The control is now reset for 12 months or another 416 gallons.

Where is the refrigerator drip pan located?

While refrigerators vary in design, the drip pan is almost universally located in the bottom of the unit. This is so that gravity will allow the liquid to flow easily from the top of the unit to the bottom.

Why is the water dispenser on my Electrolux refrigerator not working?

Common solutions for: Electrolux Refrigerator water dispenser not working 01 – Water Tube in Door is Frozen To determine if the water supply tube is frozen, disconnect the tube at the bottom of the door and blow air through it. If air does not pass through, this indicates that the water supply tube is frozen.

What is Electrolux nutralight feature in refrigerators?

But the NutraLight feature in Electrolux refrigerators prolongs nutritive value especially in leafy greens. 2. Bacteria Shield The door gasket seal encloses freshness and acts as a shield, keeping dust particles, bacteria and mildew outside, keeping your refrigerator clean & healthy.

What is the return policy of Electrolux refrigerator in Flipkart?

For products requiring installation, returns are valid only when they are installed by Flipkart-authorized personnel. Stock up on fresh fruits and beverages with this Electrolux Refrigerator. This refrigerator is ideal for compact homes as it will take up less space in the kitchen.

How many litres is a whirlpool refrigerator?

Its high-gloss PCM finish gives it a stylish touch, while its anti-bacterial gasket prevents the growth of bacteria and germs in it. This compactly designed refrigerator received a rating of 2 stars from the Bureau of Energy Efficiency and has a holding capacity of 47 litres.