Why is there a banner at the bottom of my iPhone?

Sometimes you see an icon on the lock screen or a banner in the app switch. TO disable it go to Settings -> iTunes & App Store -> turn off suggested apps for installed apps. You might also want to turn off Siri suggested apps in the spotlight search also But that’s a separate thing. Thanks for the question.

How do I get rid of the banner on the bottom of my iPhone?

Go to Settings > Accessibility > Guided Access and toggle on Guided Access. Open an app and triple-click the Power button to enter Guided Access. There’s no other way to get rid of the Home Bar.

Why does my phone say often used while driving?

The iPhone’s driving mode is called Do Not Disturb While Driving, and you can turn it on and off automatically, or manually through the Control Center. Driving mode silences notifications and temporarily blocks phone calls and text messages, so you can drive with fewer distractions.

How do I get rid of the new message at the bottom of my iPhone email?

Within a conversation, touch and hold the message bubble to open an options menu. Tap More . Tap the Trash button , then tap Delete Message.

How do I get rid of the grey bar at the bottom of my iPhone 12?

There are a few ways to get rid of the grey dock on your iPhone. One way is to go into your Settings and then select General. From there, select Accessibility and then select Increase Contrast. Turn on the option for Reduce Transparency and the dock will turn black.

What is the bottom bar on iPhone called?

The iPhone Dock is located at the bottom of the iPhone. It is sometimes referred to as the menu bar, iPhone home Dock, or the Home screen bottom bar. It is important not to confuse the Dock with the iPhone Home bar at the bottom of the screen. This bar can be used to navigate between Home screens.

How do I delete hidden cache?

To clean hidden cache on Android from Settings:

  1. Launch the Settings app.
  2. Tap Apps.
  3. Select the app whose cache you want to empty.
  4. Tap Clear data.
  5. Choose the Clear cache option and confirm.