Will there be a 4th Star Trek film?

As reported by The Hollywood Reporter, “Star Trek 4” will premiere on December 23, 2023. Producers JJ Abrams and Brian Robbins revealed the release date at a Paramount investor event in February 2022.

Will there ever be another Star Trek movie?

New ‘Star Trek’ Movie to Reunite Chris Pine’s Crew The film is due out Dec. 22, 2023. The film is due out Dec. 22, 2023.

Will there be more Star Trek movies with Chris Pine?

On July 18, Paramount Pictures officially announced a fourth Star Trek reboot film with the temporary title Star Trek 4. The announcement confirmed the return of Hemsworth and Pine as well as most of the main cast from Beyond, with Abrams producing alongside Lindsey Weber under their company Bad Robot Productions.

Is Chris Pine making another Star Trek movie?

Why was Star Trek movie Cancelled?

Recommended. In fact, in 2019, Star Trek IV was reportedly cancelled by Paramount studios. Some industry insiders claimed at the time that relationships with Pine and Hemsworth over contract negotiations had broken down, and news about the project had been scarce ever since.

Why was Star Trek Cancelled?

Star Trek aired on NBC from September 8, 1966, to June 3, 1969. It was first broadcast on September 6, 1966, on Canada’s CTV network. Star Trek’s Nielsen ratings while on NBC were low, and the network cancelled it after three seasons and 79 episodes.

Will there be a Star Trek 3?

The new Star Trek film will go into production in late 2022. Ryan Britt’s forthcoming 2022 book on the history of Star Trek’s biggest changes. From the ’60s show to the movies to ‘TNG,’ to ‘Discovery,’ ‘Picard’ and beyond!

Are multiple ‘Star Trek’ movies in the works?

The noteworthy bit is Gianopulus’ mention of multiple Star Trek films being “in the works.” The biggest of those is of course the one that is actually on their release calendar for June 9, 2023, to be directed by Matt Shakman, with a script already completed.

Will there be another Star Trek movie?

Paramount is planning another entry in the Star Trek cinematic franchise. Here’s everything we know about Star Trek 4, from its release date to story. Star Trek 4 is finally happening, and here’s everything we know about it, from its potential release date to the story details.

What is the release date of the New Star Trek movie?

Here’s what we know. Today, Paramount Studios announced that they will be releasing an untitled Star Trek Universe movie on June 9, 2023. As of now, the film is untitled.

Is the wait for the next Star Trek movie almost over?

However, it appears that the wait could be almost over. Paramount did some release date shuffling earlier this week, which includes an untitled Star Trek movie for 2023.