Will there be another lightbringer book?

The fifth and final book in the Lightbringer Series, The Burning White, was published on October 22, 2019. Weeks wrote a longform essay for the promotional tour of the book, titled, “On Ending Well.”

How many books are in the black Prism Series?

The Dark Prism (7 book series) Kindle Edition.

Is Kip a prism?

The illegitimate Tyrean son of Gavin Guile and Katalina Delauria. He is a superchromat and a nine-color full-spectrum polychrome. Kip is 15 years old at the start of the series.

Who is Gunner Lightbringer?

Uluch Assan
Gunner (birth name Uluch Assan,) is a sailor and mercenary who is famous/infamous for being the best marksman in the Seven Satrapies, be it with a musket or a cannon.

Will there be a Lightbringer Book 4?

I for one can’t wait to set my eyes on the next book! The 4th book in the Lightbringer series doesn’t do all that much to progress the series but it continues to envelope the reader in a shroud of luxin as the epic story builds towards its crescendo.

Is the blood mirror the final book in the Lightbringer Series?

The Blood Mirror is the penultimate installment in the Lightbringer series, but it would be better to call this a transitional novel; unlike the previous three books, the main story progression in The Blood Mirror was close to none until the final quarter.

How realistic is the magic system in the Lightbringer World?

I fell in love with the Lightbringer World from the first book and the Magic System is one of the most interesting and implausibly plausible I have ever read about! It is like science, magic and will all mixed up in one and the price the wielders of the magic have to pay is very realistic, as brutal and unfair as it may be.

What do you think about the 4th Harry Potter book?

This fourth book keeps up the pressure in no uncertain ways. It still continues to develop the magic system of forming light into solid shapes or burning gels or even just increasing intelligence, but it dives deeper into soul-casting and will-casting as well. I’m thrilled beyond belief.