Can you be charged with cyber terrorism for supporting terrorists?

The above cases are not related to a terror organization like the ISIL or Al Qaeda, but in other countries, individuals have been already charged with cyber terrorism for supporting terror organizations or radical groups. In December 2014, Mehdi Masroor Biswas was offering support to the ISIS spreading propaganda message on Twitter.

Who is responsible for investigating cyber terrorism?

Federal agencies responsible for investigating terrorism, including cyber terror, must remain vigilant. This includes ensuring adequate funding for staffing, equipment, and training. But, beyond that, local law enforcement officers must encourage citizens to be alert and to report suspicious behavior.

What is cyber terrorism and how to identify it?

Cyber terrorism is also used to reference hacking campaign with political or ideological motivations. Cyber terrorism is not a novelty for law enforcement worldwide, searching on the internet it is possible to find several cases.

What are the cyber attacks of 2013?

The cyber attacks began on the eve of Holocaust Remembrance Day on April 7, 2013 and involved database leaks, database hijacking, and defacements. The websites targeted including those belonging to schools, Israeli newspapers, small businesses, non-profit organizations, and banks.

What is an example of cyber terrorism?

Another example of cyber terrorism is the case of U.S. v. Mitra. In 2003, Rajib K. Mitra attacked a police emergency radio system. In a first time, US authorities investigated Mitra’s attack as a violation of Wisconsin state law, but, ultimately, they consider the act as an attack on a critical infrastructure of the country.

What are some major cyber crime cases?

Major cyber crime cases over the years. A Russian’s hacking of a U.S. bank in 1994 may have been the first online bank robbery. Thieves tracked keystrokes on two million infected computers to steal users’ information. Spanning 20 countries, Operation Shrouded Horizon has dismantled an online criminal forum.

Was the European Commission hit by a cyber attack?

The European Commission announced that the EC and multiple other EU organizations were hit by a major cyberattack by unknown hackers. April 2021. Chinese hackers launched a months-long cyber espionage campaign during the second half of 2020 targeting government agencies in Vietnam with the intent of gathering political intelligence March 2021.