How big is a 6ft snooker table?

Snooker Table Size

Table Size Minimum Room Size Guide Weight
7ft x 3ft 6″ 2.13m x 1.06m Single piece slate bed. 16ft x 12ft 6″ (4.87m x 3.81m) 450lb (205kg)
6ft x 3ft 1.83m x 0.914m Single piece slate bed. 15ft x 12ft ( 4.57m x 3.65m) 375lb (170kg)

What sizes do snooker tables come in?

12-ft (snooker): 140″ (356.9 cm) x 70″ (177.8 cm) 10-ft (oversized): 112″ (284.5 cm) x 56″ (142.2 cm) 9-ft (standard regulation size table): 100″ (254 cm) x 50″ (127 cm) 8-ft+ (pro 8): 92″ (233.7 cm) x 46″ (116.8 cm)

What size is a 3/4 size snooker table?

Different Sizes of Snooker Table. True snooker tables come in three common sizes. The full-size, tournament-spec table is 12ft in length, and just over 6ft wide. For those without the space for a full-size table, there’s the 9ft option, often called a 3/4-size table.

What is the minimum size room for a snooker table?

Snooker Table Room Size Guide

Snooker Table Size & Playing Area Minimum Room Dimensions Cue 48″
12′ (full) 12′ x 6′ 20′ x 14′
10′ 10′ x 5′ 18′ x 13′
9′ 9′ x 4½’ 17′ x 12½’
8′ 8′ x 4′ 16′ x 12′

What are the dimensions of a 6 foot pool table?

Our 6 foot pool table sizes can squeeze in place other table just can not go. The play surface dimension is 36 by 72. With a three piece slate you can navigate stairs and small doorways and be able to install almost anywhere. With a smaller foot print you can also accommodate a smaller room as well.

Is a 6×3 pool table small?

The two main sizes are 6ft and 7ft. The 7ft tables measure approximately 7ft x 4ft, and the 6ft tables are closer to 6ft x 3ft. These are very approximate dimensions, and each table will vary slightly depending on the cabinet style.

How wide is a 6.5 ft pool table?

English Pool Tables

36″ Cue (92cm) 48″ Cue (122cm)
6′ Table 11’6″ x 8’11” / 350 x 273cm 13’6″ x 10’11” 410 x 333cm
7′ Table 12’3″ x 9’3″ / 373 x 281.5cm 14’2″ x 11’2″ 433 x 341.5cm
8′ Table 13’2″ x 9’8″ / 401 x 295.5cm 15’2″ x 11’8″ 461 x 355.5cm

What is the difference between Riley and BCE Westbury snooker tables?

The BCE Westbury Snooker Table has a certain heritage dating back over 40 years, Riley’s roots go all the way back to 1897. Both brands stand for different things to consumers around the world.

What size snooker table do I need for my Room?

It is imperative that you choose the right size snooker or pool table for your room to make sure you have the correct playing space needed. Most games or dining rooms will have obstructions like fireplaces or furniture that may restrict play, sometimes we can get round these by using a shorter length cue going as small as 3′ or 3′ 6″.

What is the BCE Westbury table made of?

The BCE Westbury is Made in Great Britain. What is the table made of? Sapele Mahogany throughout. Who owns the BCE name? BCE is part of the Riley group, a sister brand in fact. BCE and Riley were brought together in 2003 by our Managing Director (and owner) Stuart J. Lacey.

What is the best brand of snooker table?

Riley is the World’s best known brand in snooker, having supplied the tables for a great number professional snooker tournaments throughout our history.