Is it easy to clear NISM exam?

Before taking the NISM exam, many students make such an assumption that NISM certification exams are very difficult to pass. Although this exam is not very easy to clear, but by preparing with a correct strategy, the probability to pass the NISM test increases significantly.

What is NISM VII?

The NISM Securities Operations and Risk Management Certification Examination is also called NISM VII or NISM SORM Certification. The exam was launched on November 22, 2010. It is an entry level exam for professionals working in operations area in stock broking or similar firms.

Are NISM certificates valuable?

The NISM certification is very valuable as a core qualification for students and professionals looking for a career in the financial markets. It is open for people from any educational background, not only to those from commerce, management or economics.

Which book is best for NISM?

Here are the Best Books for NISM Certification:

  • NISM Equity Derivatives:
  • NISM Series V-C Mutal Fund Distributor Level 2:
  • Mutual Fund Foundation:
  • NISM-Series-XII: Securities Market Foundation:
  • NISM Securities Operations & Risk Management:
  • NISM Currency Derivatives:
  • Mutual Fund Distributors in Hindi:

Can we cheat in NISM exam?

NISM may reject issuance of certificate / cancel an issued certificate and/or take appropriate action based on the proctoring observations. “Policy on Unfair Means, Cheating, Forgery, Impersonation, etc.”

What if someone fail in NISM exam?

In case the candidate fails to send such request to NISM within the stipulated 3 days, no reschedule or refund shall be provided. A candidate may be offered rescheduling of enrollment for an eCPE programme in case of Cancellation of an eCPE programme / sessions by NISM on any account.

What is Nism series?

NISM conducts certification examination for various Securities Market Participants and Intermediaries as mandated by Securities and Exchange Board of India (SEBI). However, anyone who is keen on learning about the Indian Securites Markets may also take the exam.

How can I cheat a webcam test?

Let us explore some of the most common ways students do it.

  1. Sending Screenshots to an Expert.
  2. Screen Sharing or Mirroring to cheat.
  3. Cheating with Technological Devices.
  4. Impersonation or Using a Friend.
  5. Intercepting Video Feeds.
  6. Using External Projector.
  7. Using a Virtual Machine.
  8. Other Non-technical Approaches to cheat.

What is NISM Series 8 exam?

NISM Series 8 Equity Derivatives Certification Examination is an entry level exam for professionals working in the equity derivatives segment, e.g., dealers, brokers, etc. The exam is one of the most difficult exams of NISM with a nation-wide pass rate of less than 50%.