Is NoLimits 2 worth it?

The Verdict. I’m very impressed with the hard work the team has put into NoLimits 2 and is well worth the long 8 year wait. It does require some getting used to, especially if you used NL1, but other than that, I like it! My final verdict is a score of 9.5 out of 10.

Which is better RollerCoaster Tycoon 1 or 2?

I found RCT 1 to be the better game, but RCT 2 was the (much) better creator. With the first game, it the goal was to beat a park’s objective (though make cool stuff doing it), in order to unlock more parks. With the 2nd game, most of the pre-built parks were..

Where can I buy RCT2?

RCT2, with expansions, is cheap nowadays and can be bought from G2A, Green Man Gaming and GOG.

How long is one year in Rollercoaster Tycoon?

245 days
So to calculate, since a year in RCT2 takes 245 days. So the ‘Very Long Junior Coaster’ takes 449,632 RCT2 days to complete one lap. This means it takes around 3,597,056 RCT days to finish eight laps.

How do I get RollerCoaster Tycoon 2 to work on Windows 10?

RCT2 itself works on Windows 10 as far as non-GOG versions go….Heres how to fix it:

  1. Open Programs and Features (Control Panel\All Control Panel Items\Programs and Features)
  2. Click on “Turn Windows features on or off.
  3. Enable Legacy Components.
  4. Run RCT2.

Can you play OpenRCT2 without RCT2?

But since the Mini Game does contain all of the music, you can neatly complement your OpenRCT2 install with it if you have RCT Classic. If you have RCT2, it is not needed, and if you have neither, it is useless. In that case, we recommend you obtain RCT2 TTP from GOG or Steam.

How long is a month in RCT?

A game financial ‘month’ is equal to 7.5 ride or guest ‘minutes’ (equivalent to 1 ride or guest hour equalling 8 financial months).

How long is Rollercoaster Tycoon?


Single-Player Polled Average
Main Story 11 17h 02m
Main + Extras 3 40h 40m
Completionists 9 36h 02m
All PlayStyles 23 27h 33m

Will RollerCoaster Tycoon run on Windows 10?

Original Rollercoaster Tycoon not compatible with windows 10.

What is your review of roaster roaster coaster?

Roaster Coaster – fantastic transatlantic. Look: nice nitro “waterfall”, ending in 1″ head, opaque black. Smell:Nice vanilla notes, with coffee. Taste: sweet, nutty, with good dark chocolate & coffee. Vanilla is subtle. Feel: Smooth and creamy, just like a nitro stout should be.

What is coaster Racer 2?

Coaster Racer 2 is a cool racing game, where get to dash through curvy tracks and compete against other drivers. Try to reach the finish first and unlock new tracks. Drive into dollar icons appearing on the road to earn money for upgrades.

What can you do in roller coaster builder?

Build your roller coaster between the mountains, a big city skyline, or between the Egyptian pyramids! Add wild life, destructible environments, dinosaurs and much more to finish your level, and put it online. And don’t forget to ride it of course! Roller Coaster Builder 2 is created by Rabbit Mountain, based in Bulgaria.