Was Grounded for Life Cancelled?

FOX canceled the show after three episodes of the third season.

Who plays Henry Grounded for Life?

Jake BurbageHenry Finnerty / Played byJacob Daniel Burbage is an American actor, writer, director, and musician. As an actor, he is best known for his role on Grounded for Life as Henry Finnerty. Burbage attended Moorestown Friends School and graduated in 2011. He later attended The College of New Jersey where he majored in English. Wikipedia

Who plays Dean on Grounded for Life?

Mike Vogel
Dean Peramotti (Mike Vogel) was the drummer of Sean and Eddie’s band. He and Lily dated until she left him for Brad.

How old are the kids in Grounded for Life?

Jimmy Finnerty James Francis “Jimmy” Finnerty (Griffin Frazen) (11–15 years old) – The black sheep of the family, Jimmy’s choices are not always accepted by his parents (such as choosing to become a vegetarian).

When was grounded for life Cancelled?

January 28, 2005Grounded for Life / Final episode date

What was the last episode of Grounded for Life?

Hello, GoodbyeGrounded for Life / Final episode

Where is Lily from Grounded for Life now?

Lynsey Bartilson, however, rose to prominence after she appeared as Lily Finnerty in the series, Grounded for Life in 2001 through 2005 in a total of 91 episodes. Lynsey currently resides in Los Angeles with her husband and kids.

Who plays Claudia’s dad in Grounded for Life?

Tony Bustamante is Claudia’s father. He and his wife Maureen lives in Wilmington, North Carolina….Tony.

“Tony Bustamante”
Portrayed by: Stephen Root
First appearance:
Last appearance:

How old is Lily Finnerty?

Lily Finnerty (14-18 yrs old) – The airheaded teenager is often at odds with her parents….Episode Screenshots.

Season 2, Episode 09 Season 3, Episode 10
Season 5, Episode 02 Season 2, Episode 04

When was Grounded for Life Cancelled?

Who played the daughter in Grounded for Life?

Megyn Price made quite an impact when she first appeared on Grounded for Life — she was somehow able to remain relatable as an over-stressed mother of three while totally nailing the “neighborhood hot mom” thing.

Who is bartilson?

She is best known for playing Lily Finnerty on the Fox/WB sitcom Grounded for Life, and voicing Tuesday X for the Nickelodeon TV series, The X’s….

Lynsey Bartilson
Born Lynsey Marie Bartilson July 1, 1983 Edina, Minnesota, U.S.
Occupation Actress, dancer, singer
Years active 1994–present
Height 5 ft 3 in (160 cm)

What happened to the tag scenes on Grounded for life?

When first aired on ABC Family, the tag scenes were edited out; but when ABC Family re-acquired Grounded for Life, newer prints with the tag scenes are now shown. On November 16, 2009, MTV began to air the show at random during the week Unlike ABC Family’s airings, these airings are the same episodes and are aired more frequently.

How many seasons of Grounded for life are there?

Grounded for Life is an American sitcom television series that debuted on January 10, 2001, as a mid-season replacement on Fox. Created by Mike Schiff and Bill Martin, it ran for two seasons on the network until being canceled only two episodes into its third season.

What other TV shows has Michael Logue been in?

He’s had a number of parts on different series, ranging from The Knights of Prosperity and Life to the critically-acclaimed but short-lived Terriers. Since 2013, Logue has appeared on Copper , Sons of Anarchy , Vikings , Law & Order: SVU, and, most notably, stars as Harvey Bullock opposite The O.C. ‘s Ben McKenzie on FOX’s Gotham.

What has Tom Logue been up to in the past?

Despite an active career in movies, Logue continued to pursue TV roles. He’s had a number of parts on different series, ranging from The Knights of Prosperity and Life to the critically-acclaimed but short-lived Terriers.