What are the four areas in the LDS youth program?

The program is centered around helping children and youth to grow in four major areas — spiritually, physically, socially and intellectually –– just as the Savior did, Brother Owen explained.

What is the new youth program called LDS?

children and youth program
children and youth program The Church’s new program for children and youth encourages young women and men to set goals that help them grow spiritually, physically, socially, and intellectually. 2019 by Intellectual Reserve, Inc.

What is the 2022 youth theme LDS?

All rights reserved. The Young Women and Young Men general presidencies have announced that the 2022 Youth Theme is “Trust in the Lord with all thine heart; and lean not unto thine own understanding. In all thy ways acknowledge him, and he shall direct thy paths.”

What age is activity days LDS?

Children may begin attending activity days in January of the year they turn 8 and continue until they complete Primary.

What are spiritual goals LDS?

Simply put, spiritual goals are the objectives we set for ourselves to get closer to God. Why do we need spiritual goals? We may have different religious beliefs but if there’s one thing that binds us all, it’s the thirst for spiritual nourishment.

What is Gospel Living App?

The Gospel Living app focuses on living a Christ-centered life. You’ll discover inspiring content like music, videos, images, activities, and goal ideas. And you can create personal goals, plan activities, set reminders, record your impressions, or message your quorum, class, friends, and family.

Who gets emblems of belonging?

Children and youths will be given two types of emblems: belonging and achievement. To signify belonging, all 8-year-olds will receive a picture of the temple and a ring with a CTR (choose the right) shield surrounding a temple symbol.

What is the youth theme for 2021?

A letter from Young Women and Young Men general presidencies announced that the 2021 Youth Theme is “Wherefore, be not weary in well-doing, for ye are laying the foundation of a great work. And out of small things proceedeth that which is great.

What age are sunbeams?

Class names

Age (on January 1) Present Class Name Past Class Names Used
18 mos. Nursery Rainbows
3-year-olds Sunbeams Moonbeams
4-year-olds CTR 4 Sunbeams Stars CTR 5
5-year-olds CTR 5 Stars CTR 6

What age is Sunbeam LDS?

Age Name Motto
18 months–2 years Sunbeam—Nursery Sunbeams bring light and happiness to their families and friends.
3–4 Sunbeam 4 Sunbeams bring light and happiness to their families and friends.
4–5 CTR 5 CTRs follow the example of Jesus as they choose the right.
5–6 CTR 6 CTRs follow the example of Jesus as they choose the right.

How do I become more spiritual LDS?

In summary, in order to increase in spirituality, we must:

  1. Read scriptures daily.
  2. Really pray and not just say prayers.
  3. Fast meaningfully.
  4. Go to bed early and get up early.
  5. Be of good cheer.
  6. Work hard.
  7. Be more concerned about how than where we serve.
  8. Love everyone, but keep romantic feelings in their proper place.