What do aye-ayes look like?

Aye-ayes have coarse, shaggy black fur with a mantle of long white-tipped guard hairs. They have a round head, large triangular ears, yellow-orange eyes and a pink nose. They have long digits with long curved claws except for the big toes. Aye-ayes have a distinctive elongated middle digit with a longer claw.

What can I say instead of aye?

In this page you can discover 36 synonyms, antonyms, idiomatic expressions, and related words for aye, like: yes, roger, always, unquestionably, continually, okay, yea, vote, absolutely, agreed and assuredly.

What is aye-aye meaning?

an expression of compliance, esp used by seamen. b. British. an expression of amused surprise, esp at encountering something that confirms one’s suspicions, expectations, etc. See full dictionary entry for aye.

What is another word for looks like?

seem; appear; look like; look; resemble; bear resemblance to; be like.

What is unique about aye-aye?

They have unusual fingers and toes. Aye-ayes have pointed claws on all their fingers and toes, except for their opposable big toes. This helps them dangle from tree limbs. Their hands are large for their bodies, and their fingers are long and narrow.

Do slender loris have claws?

Both slender and slow lorises have relatively short feet. Like nearly all lemuriforms, they have a grooming claw on the second toe of each foot.

What is the opposite of ayes?

Opposite of an affirmative answer, especially in voting. nay. negative. no. non placet.

Is May a synonym of can?

In this page you can discover 41 synonyms, antonyms, idiomatic expressions, and related words for may, like: can, might, be possible, be allowed, will, be credible, be going to, whitethorn, permitted, possible and shrub.

How do you spell Aye Yie Yie?

“Ay-ay-ay” is an exclamation which entered American pop culture from Mexican Spanish in various ways. In informal conversation, the phrase means literally “oh, oh, oh” and conveys a sense of dismay. For example, in 1882, the popular song “Cielito Lindo” included this phrase in the chorus.

What is a strong verb for looked?

glance, gaze, stare, gape, peer, fix one’s gaze, focus. peep, peek, take a look. watch, examine, study, inspect, scan, scrutinize, survey, check, contemplate, consider. see, observe, view, regard, pay attention to, take note of, mark, check out. glimpse, spot, spy, lay one’s eyes on, catch sight of, eye, take in, ogle.

What is the meaning of aye aye?

Definition of aye-aye. : a small primitive nocturnal forest-dwelling primate (Daubentonia madagascariensis) of northern Madagascar that has a round head, large eyes and ears, and long thin fingers.

What does an aye aye look like?

The Aye Aye has long as well as bony fingers with sharp pointed claws on the ends to aid in dangling from branches, but their most distinguishing feature is the middle fingers on their front feet.

What is the opposite of Aye?

Antonyms for aye. ne’er, never, nevermore. aye. adverb (2) variants: also ay. Synonyms & Antonyms of aye (Entry 2 of 3) used to express agreement.

How many fingers does an aye Aaye have?

The hands of the aye-aye are large, and its fingers, particularly the third, are long and slender. The species has five fingers on each hand and a pseudo-thumb, a distinct bony digit found in no other primate. Except for the large opposable flat-nailed great toes, all of the fingers and toes have pointed claws.