What engine is in a 1958 Plymouth Belvedere?

318 cubic inch V8 engine
The Belvedere was reintroduced to the Australian market in early 1958 when Chrysler Australia began assembling the current model Belvedere four-door hardtop which was imported from the US in knocked-down form. The 1959 model was equipped with a 318 cubic inch V8 engine and push-button automatic transmission.

How much horsepower does a 1958 Plymouth Fury have?

The typical 315-horsepower example would clock 0-60 mph in 7.5 seconds and turn the standing quarter-mile in 16 seconds flat at close to 90 mph. Unfortunately for those who had come to love this unique driver’s Plymouth, 1958 was the last year for the limited-edition Plymouth Fury.

What kind of car was Christine in the Stephen King novel?

1958 Plymouth Fury
1958 Plymouth Fury “Christine.” Bearing “her” famous CQB 241 license plate, Christine – featured in the 1983 film directed by John Carpenter, and the Stephen King novel that bears her name – will be up for bid at the 2020 Saratoga Motorcar Auction.

How fast is a 1958 Plymouth Fury?

The fastest ones achieved speeds in excess of 143 miles per hour, allowing it to easily dominate virtually any other car on the street or at the race track. Styling was classic 1950s, with a wraparound windshield, cockpit-like interior, and swept back fin design.

How long is a 1958 Plymouth Belvedere?


Length : 204.6 in | 5197 mm.
Wheelbase : 118.0 in | 2997 mm.
Front Track : 60.9 in | 1547 mm.
Rear Track : 59.6 in | 1514 mm.

What engine was in the 1958 Plymouth Fury?

These Fury’s had a special interior, bumper wing-guards and a V8 engine with twin 4-barrel carburetors. The 1958, the 318 cu in engine produced 290 hp . In 1958, the optional engine was a 350 cu in called Golden Commando with two 4-bbl carburetors producing 305 hp.

What colors did the 1958 Plymouth Fury come in?

That’s because the ’58 Fury was available in only one color combination, Buckskin Beige with Gold trim.

How fast can a 1958 Plymouth Fury go?

What is the top speed of a 1958 Plymouth Fury?

3) (model since October 1957 for North America U.S.)…

Top speed:
(theor. without speed governor) 197 km/h / 122 mph

Is the 58 Plymouth a cool car?

Yeah, they are cool in their own right, but after you see 100’s of the same car, the lesser-seen cars start to have more appeal. The 58 Plymouth is a sleek and slippery design for its day, especially when you throw it up against the competition.

What kind of motor does a 1957 Plymouth Savoy have?

It has a 270 CID 6 cylinder Flathead Motor, and a push button, 2 sp 1957 Plymouth Savoy Converted to a 1958 Plymouth Christine movie clone . Has correct 1958 nose ,440

How many Plymouth Golden Commandos were built?

Only 5,300 Plymouth Golden Commandos were built in 1958 – all finished in Sand Dune White on Beige, with a White and Brown interior – only 41 of which still exist today.

How many Plymouth Belvedere models are there?

See all five sparkling models of the proud new Belvedere, Plymouth’s premier line of great automobiles. (Right: the Belvedere 4-door Hardtop shoen in Arctic Tuquoise witn Sportone trim.) Here are the most luxurious, most beautiful Savoy models in Plymouth history!