Where can I find the manual for my Maschine?

MASCHINE Manual MASCHINE documents are available in PDF format and located within the MASCHINE in- stallation folder on your hard drive. You can also access these documents from the applica- tion’s Help menu or the following location: www.native-instruments.com.

What is the routing in Maschine?

The Routing in MASCHINE is a really powerful tool with a vast amount of possibilities. You can set up your own effects chains, route Sounds through several other Sounds or out of your audio interface through a Hardware effect and then back into MASCHINE. For more information on routing, please refer to the Manual.

Who are the authors of Maschine 2?

Title MASCHINE 2.0 STUDIO Getting Started English Author David Gover, Nicolas Sidi, Gustav Santo Tomas Created Date 10/10/2013 5:25:14 PM

How to use the Maschine plug-in menu?

Press SHIFT + BROWSE to access the Plug-in menu and load a Plug-in (Internal, Native Instruments, and External, as well as Instrument and Effect) in the selected Plug-in slot. (6) SAMPLING button: Press the SAMPLING button to access the Sample Editor. (7) Page buttons: Almost any feature of MASCHINE can be accessed using the hardware con- troller.

What do people think about the Maschine 2?

“A hardware and software combo that feels like hardware. The screens and larger range of dedicated buttons seriously improve workflow and the new features of Maschine 2.0 mark a promising new era for the Maschine family.” “Maschine 2 is a triumph whichever hardware controller you use it with.”

How do I switch patterns in the Maschine Studio?

MASCHINE STUDIO – Getting Started – 65 3. Click Pattern slot 1 and 2 alternatively and listen how both Patterns fit together. Switching Patterns using the MASCHINE STUDIO Controller 1. Press PLAY to start the sequencer. 2. Press and hold PATTERN. 3. Press pad 1 and pad 2 alternatively and listen how both Patterns fit together.

How to sample in the Maschine software? How to Sample in the MASCHINE Software 1. First choose an empty Sound slot to record into by clicking its name. 2. Now click the Sample Editor button right underneath the Keyboard View button, at the left of the Pattern Editor: The Pattern Editor switches to the Sampling tabs: Using Advanced Features Sampling