What is engine charge air cooler?

Charge air coolers—otherwise known as intercoolers—act as the middleman between the turbo and the engine. They sit in front of the truck radiator and take the hot, compressed air from the turbo and cool it down before it reaches the engine. This increases engine efficiency and power.

Can a charge air cooler be repaired?

Aluminum Charge Air Cooler Repair Cracks in the weld that holds the tank to the core may be repairable. If tubes in the core are cracked or if tube-to-header joints leak, the cooler will then need to be recored or replaced.

Does a charge air cooler use coolant?

Indirect charge air cooling is a system where charge air is not cooled with air, as is usually the case, but by using engine coolant in a low temperature circuit as shown in Figure 7.

Where do you use charge air coolers?

A Charge Air Cooler is used to cool engine air after it has passed through a turbocharger before it enters the combustion chambers of the engine. Its function is to cool the combustion air to a temperature that is most favourable to power output, fuel consumption and subsequently to exhaust emissions.

How do I know if my charge air cooler is leaking?

Just like any other heavy truck parts, CAC and turbocharges can also fail or damage. One of the possible causes of its damage is an air cooler leak. If you feel the constant heat and the coolant under the truck continuously filling coolant, it indicates a leak.

How do you test a charge air cooler?

How it Works

  1. Remove turbo hoses and clamps.
  2. Install Tester-Kit plugs and clamps. Mount gauge and double check system.
  3. Apply 30 psig of air. Remove air supply and check gauge. See chart (below) for Leak Down Rate Specifications.
  4. Release air. Test is now complete.

What causes a charge air cooler to leak?

The most common causes of charge air cooler leaks are heat stress, constant engine vibration and vehicle accidents/collisions. Basically, the harsher the environment in which your truck or equipment runs, the more vulnerable it is to charge air cooler problems.

Is an intercooler the same as a charge air cooler?

The difference is that a “charge cooler” uses water to cool the air (it is a reverse radiator) and an intercooler uses air as the cooling medium. Since water has a greater heat carrying capacity than air a charge cooler is much smaller than an intercooler.

How do you know if your charge air cooler is bad?

Seven signs your charge air cooler may be going bad are:

  1. Frequent failure of components such as turbo and exhaust manifolds.
  2. Decreased fuel economy.
  3. Elevated coolant temperature.
  4. Excessive soot in the oil.
  5. Low engine power.
  6. More frequent DPF regenerations.
  7. Premature piston, ring and valve failure.

What is the difference between intercooler and after cooler?

While an aftercooler is a heat exchanger that operates by cooling the air emerging from a compression unit, an intercooler is a device attached to an air compressor that cools the air before engine intake.

What is a diesel intercooler?

An intercooler is a special piece, usually placed on Turbocharged or Supercharged engines. It’s purpose is to round up the air compressed by the turbo and supercharger, and then strategically cool it.