What is the compound word of door?

The compound noun of door is doorbell, doorsteps, doormat, doorknob and doorway.

What is compound word of bookshelf?

Compound Words with BOOK A bookstore is a store where you can buy books. A bookcase is a piece of furniture for storing books – it has several levels, each of which is called a bookshelf.

Is front door a compound word?

Front and Back For some perverse reason, a few common compounds that include front, and their back correspondents, are treated differently: “front door,” backdoor (but only as an adjective); “front seat,” backseat; “front yard,” backyard.

What words end in door?

8-letter words that end in door

  • backdoor.
  • trapdoor.
  • nextdoor.
  • barndoor.
  • peepdoor.
  • overdoor.
  • neendoor.
  • livedoor.

Is bookshelf one word or two words?

noun, plural book·shelves. a shelf for holding books, especially one of several shelves in a bookcase.

How do you make a compound word?

When two words are used together to yield a new meaning, a compound is formed. Compound words can be written in three ways: as open compounds (spelled as two words, e.g., ice cream), closed compounds (joined to form a single word, e.g., doorknob), or hyphenated compounds (two words joined by a hyphen, e.g., long-term).

What are door equipped bookcases and bookshelves?

Door equipped bookcases and bookshelves that have a clear glass opening can bring with it shelving options that offer the best of both worlds. Items can be on display, but safe behind glass to avoid potential accidents and dust. Not all door equipped bookcases and bookshelves need to take up an entire wall.

What kind of wood is used for bookcases?

The bookcase features two door concealing shelves for books or other items, a distressed… is perfect in the office, either side of your bed, or in your living room. It’s built of pure white laminated engineered wood and features a simple design. This…

What are the best options for book shelves and bookcases?

Door equipped bookcases and bookshelves can be a great addition when completing a redecorating project in one’s home. Shelving options with cabinet covers are hands-down the practical way to store items that one might not want to look at all of the time, or would like protected behind glass.

Can you use a Charles Harris finished bookcase with doors?

It can be used alone or with other charles harris units to create custom wall and comes with touch latch door hardware. Read More The Woodtone Laminate Finished Bookcase With Doors in honey is great for any home or business use. It cab be combined with other charles harris units to create custom wall. Read More See color swatch for actual color.